The be reduced to basic physical interactions between particles

theoretical framework a researcher uses is decided by the approach a researcher
chooses to use. A theoretical framework consists of concepts and already
existing theories that a researcher would decide to use for a particular study.
A well chosen framework can strengthen your research in multiple ways. Stating
what your theoretical assumptions are allows the reader to evaluate them
critically and it gives the researcher a basis for a hypothesis and choice of
methodology (Asher, 2013) . The two journal articles discussed both use a
different approach, scientific and interpretive, and therefore also used a
different theoretical framework. 

Scientific approach:

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The theories
and concepts used by the scientific approach of Engelen, Brettel and Wiest
(2012) differ from those that are used by the interpretive approach from
Leonardi’s (2011). The scientific approach is a process of finding knowledge
through observation and experiment to come to a conclusion. Scientific
knowledge is based on three important factors: objective, logical and
systematic. This approach believes that knowledge is abstract and
generalisable, meaning it is applicable in every situation it is relevant to. A
scientific theoretical framework means that the researchers will try to explain
and predict a phenomena based on empiricism. Every action can be reduced to basic
physical interactions between particles and has to verifiable. Moreover, by
using the scientific approach the researcher believes that there is a single
objective reality and this applies to the social and natural world. Theories
and concepts commonly used in the theoretical framework of the scientific
approach are: reductionism, empiricism, socialism and logical positivism.

The interpretive approach from Leonardi’s (2011)
relies on a different theoretical framework. The theories and concepts used are
based on rationalism and ‘verstehen’. This means that the interpretive approach
looks more to understand phenomena instead of explaining them. It believes that
knowledge is specific and contextual, meaning it can not be taken out of its
context. The researcher is also intertwined with the research itself, subject
and object are connected and you can never stand outside of the experience.
Furthermore, this approach believes that in order to understand the experience
you must understand the meaning of human life. Both these approaches therefore
define a general philosophical worldview and the research objectives should
follow that philosophical perspective. Same comment as above, you need to
explain how interpretive approach affects Leonardi’s theoretical framework