The blossom garden, amid of pink and green cherry

The six letter word that can be the greatest teacher is “Nature” and the four letter word that is always a greatest healer is “Love”. Where nature acts as a passage to hope, life and spirituality, love is a drop of dew, filled with charm and tranquility, the two are inseparable.  Sitting in silence in my Grandpa’s blossom garden, amid of pink and green cherry trees, I used to wonder how can one create such a beautiful world. Nature from always had been a magnetic inspiration. For me, nature is a beautiful gift as precious as my parents and grandparents are, as valuable as my motherland earth and its creatures are, nature is revival, nature is strength, nature remained on my side when whole world closed its eyes for me, nature is the origin of all professions, nature is divine, serene and eccentric, nature is power;  Nature is destroyer, nature is preserver, nature is the way I see it, treat it, nature is the untouched energy that nourishes me, that nourishes “us”, nature is a string that connects me to my soul, that connects “you” to yours.. Love, from always was a question-unanswered for me, till early twenties I never bothered to think about it much, but see life always hold your hands and answer everything “unanswered”. Love is endless and formless, it cannot have a single form, it cannot have single origin. Sometimes it is there, in the drops of tears rolling down the cheeks of a mother holding her new born child, sometimes it is in the form of happiness, sometimes it is in a little ignorance, sometimes it is a little care from our better half, sometimes it is in a soft cuddle of cold winter nights; Sometimes it is a pain inside where we try to hide something, just not to hurt someone, sometimes it is in the scolding of Grandpa, sometimes it is in words of our father, sometimes it is in the anger, that we want to express, sometimes it is the dying humanity that never dies, sometimes it in an untold sacrifice, sometimes it is deep inside “unexpressed”. The two strings never leave us alone, when there is no one, these two are there, sometimes the origin is our little heart sometimes the brutal world. With every passing day I feel less alone but still there are many questions “unanswered” and feelings “preserved in ice”.