The book, the content shared would be sufficient to

 The first Cadillac Escalade dates back to 1999 and was thefirst SUV released by the luxury vehicle manufacture. It is believed to havebeen designed to serve as a competitor for the countless Japanese and Germanvehicles being released to the market at the time. Since its initial launch,the Escalade has been continuously improved and is now renowned among thehighest rated full-size luxury SUV in today’s market. The last release in themodel comes in the form of the Cadillac Escalade 2018; which is expected to beavailable for purchase in early 2018.

The model boasts a plethora of features;some unique to this 2018 model. Owners of the new 2018 Escalade will be able to enjoyfeature such as the four wheel drive, seats for seven, 6.2 liter displacement,420 @ 5600 horse power , dual shift mode transmission, cruise control, heatedfront seats, adjustable steering  wheel,trip computer and rear defrost system. Owners will also have access to theheated power windows, the new keyless entry, entertainment system, adjustablepedals, the new parking aid feature, remote release for the luggagecompartment, as well as the ability to monitor the tire pressure. The 2018Escalade is also outfitted with Bluetooth functionality for wirelessconnection, controls for the rear seat audio and hThe purpose of the book is to explore the features of thenew Cadillac Escalade.

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The content will introduce how new vehicle owners canbest maximize the benefits of purchasing a 2018 Escalade. It is hoped that atthe end of the book, the content shared would be sufficient to enhance thegeneral knowledge surrounding the new luxury SUV.      1.      Recommended Purchase Price The new 2018 Cadillac Escalade is expectedto be on the market in early 2018. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price isbetween $84,910 and $107,205.  2.      Vehicle Weight The 2018 Escalade epitomizes the modern-dayfull-sized SUV.

It weighs in at approximately 7,300 pounds with a dead weighthitch weight of approximately 5000 pounds.  3.      Towing Capacity The vehicle is built to be powerful. TheEscalade is outfitted with a standard towing capacity of approximately 8,300pounds… This is included in the basic Trailering package. This allows vehicleowners to carry content of large magnitudes without fear of overturning anddamaging the Escalade.   4.      Passenger Capacity The full-sized design of the 2018 Escaladeensures that the vehicle has an extended cab to carry passengers. The suggestedpassenger capacity is approximately seven (7).

 5.      Color Options Vehicle owners can purchase the 2018Cadillac Escalade in a number of color options. The color options include DarkGranite Metallic, Radiant Silver Metallic, Black Raven, Bronze Dune Metallic, DarkAdriatic Blue Metallic, Crystal White Tricoat, Red Passion Tintcoat and SatinSteel Metallic.

  6.      Interior Trim Color The 2018 Cadillac Escalade design alsoallows vehicle owners to select from a number of interior trim color options.The available trim options include Jet Black and Maple Sugar. Vehicle ownersare able to select based on personal preference or to complement the exteriorpaint color of the SUV.  7.      Interior Design Individuals purchasing the 2018 EscaladePlatinum will be able to enjoy interior luxury at the highest quality. Theseats and instrument panels have been encased in the elegant semi-anilineleather.

The headliners and door trim boast suede microfiber wraps while theremainder of the cabin is outfitted with wood accents and crisp clean touchesof the modern.  8.      Radiant Package This is one of the design packagesavailable to individuals purchasing the new 2018 Escalade. It is designed topersonalize the exterior appearance of the vehicle while maintaining the levelof luxury now associated with the Cadillac.

The radiant package includes aGalvano and Silver mesh styled grille across the front of the vehicle, chromewheels that have a 7-split spokes and are 22 inches as well as a an exhaust tipthat is polished to give that modern look.  9.      Escalade Platinum The Platinum package offers the highestquality features to the individual who purchases the new Escalade. It includesheated and ventilated front seats that are outfitted with eighteen ways tocustomize. The front seats are also outfitted with a multi-directionalmassaging feature; easily accessed and navigated as needed.  10.  Center Console The car boasts a fully equipped centerconsole with a plethora of feature options. The Center Console is designed withsufficient space to accommodate devices.

The area is outfitted with a 110 voltpower outlet for convenient charging access as well as a few USB ports. Vehicleowners will also be able to enjoy dual cup holders.  11.  Third Row Folding Seats The car is also able to include theoptional third row folding seats feature. The feature is enabled by pressingthe designated button. When the seats fold in, the trunk space has anotherninety four (94) feet of cargo space for use.

 12.  Surround Vision This is one of the novel features of the2018 Escalade. It is designed to offer the driver of the vehicle of a full viewof the area around the vehicle, from a bird’s-eye angle.

The feature is enabledonly during use of the Reverse and low-speed Drive options. The feature isideal for providing clear view of blind spots and offers the ideal assistancewhen navigating in and out of confined areas.  13.  Rear Camera Mirror This feature of the 2018 Escalade Alsoboasts a rear HD camera. This feature of the vehicle is designed to allowvehicle owners to have clear HD picture of what happens behind the vehicle. Therear mirror offers approximately 300% full field of vision and also has abuilt-in washing system for keeping the lens free of dust or debris.  14.

  Head-Up Display The 2018 Cadillac Escalade also boasts moreunique technology in the form of the Head-Up Display. This feature is designedto automatically display the desired content such as speed, navigation andtachometer.   15.  Rear Seat Entertainment The full-sized car is also outfitted with arear-seat entertainment system.  Thisfeatures boasts dual screens that are strategically placed in the back of bothfront headrests.

The system also includes and overhead screen that opensdownwards and provides viewing for occupants of the third row. The inclusion ofthe Tri-play feature into the system enables each screen to display its owncontent.  16.

  Drivers Awareness Package This feature is available to individualspurchasing the new 2018 Cadillac Escalade. The package is designed with anumber of safety and security alert features for added assistance while the caris in motion. The package includes features such as the Lane Keep Assist, theLane Change Alert and the Side Blind Zone Alert.  17.

  Lane Change Alert This feature is designed to emit an alarmwhen the indicators are enabled for a lane change to occur. The Lane ChangeAlert feature alerts the driver when it becomes illuminated and flashes thewarning icon on the side mirror of the car.  18.  Side Blind Zone Alert The Side Blind Zone alert feature of the2018 Escalade is designed to work along with the Lane Change Alert feature.

They work together to peruse the area surrounding the car while it is in motionand alerts the driver to vehicles that are approaching or travelling within ablind spot. It works like the Lane Change Alert; illuminating the warning iconon the side mirror to alert the driver to the need to stop.  19.  Lane Keep Assist This feature is designed to automaticallymake gentle turns on the steering.

This is done when lane markings are detectedto be at an unsafe distance when no turn signal was enabled. The feature isalso designed to emit audio alerts as well as seat pulses to indicate that thelane markings were being crossed without the required signal. This minimizesthe possible of collision if the turn was not intentional.  20.  Heated Seats The cab of the 2018 Cadillac Escalade alsoboasts heated seats. The cab has front-row cooling and heating mechanisms.These can be adjusted to offer comfort depending on the temperature or climateon the outside.

The feature combines with the innovative Tri-Zone ClimateControl feature to maximize temperature control and comfort.  21.  Centerpoint System The car also boasts an eighteen (18) inchsixteen (16) speaker Bose system. This feature of the 2018 Escalade hasapproximately sixteen speakers placed around the surface of the vehicle.

Thesound system utilizes features such as the Acoustic front glass and the BoseActive Noise Cancellation to deliver full and crisp sound.   22.  Rear-Seat Entertainment The 2018 Cadillac Escalade is outfittedwith high-quality rear-seat entertainment. This feature of the car includes anine (9) inch drop-down screen, dual wireless headphones, ports for USB andHDMI connection, MP3 connectivity, and Blu-ray playback. The rear-seatentertainment feature is also designed to enable vehicle occupants to use Wi-Fienabled device to stream content.  23.

  Power Retractable Steps The 2018 Escalade Platinum carries aninnovative feature in the form of retractable assist steps. This novel featureis designed to automatically extend when the car is unlocked and motiondetected approaching the vehicle.  24.  Wireless Phone Charging This feature is designed to be standard forall 2018 Escalade builds. The feature, located in the center arm-rest, enablesusers to easily place their smart phone down for charging. The feature isauto-enabled whenever the engine is running.  25.  Wireless Features The car is also outfitted with a number ofwireless-enables features.

Vehicle owners will be able to enjoy features suchas OnStar 4G LTE and a Wi-Fi hotspot feature built into the car’s system. Theaddition of these features means that vehicle owners have the ability toconnect a maximum of seven smart devices and enjoy seamless and efficiencywireless browsing while on the go.  26.  Premium Care Maintenance Package This is one of the care packages availablefor 2018 Escalade owners. It includes a number of standard care options thatinclude tire rotation for every 7,500 miles travelled, replacement of theengine air cleaner filter, replacement of the air filter in the passengercompartment, a multi-point vehicle inspection and full maintenance serviceswhile under warranty for up to 50,000 miles.  27.  Rust Resistant The 2018 Cadillac Escalade is designed tobe durable and rust resistant.

To support this, Cadillac offer warranty on allsheet and body metal components in the vehicle for 50,000 miles travelled or upto four (4) years.  28.  OnStar The OnStar feature offers user comfort inthe evident of accident while on the road. Among the features available to 2018Escalade owners is hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, emergencyroad-side assistance, stolen vehicle slowdown, theft alarm notification and thenew OnStar Smart Driver.  29.

  Adaptive Remote Start This car is powered by the new AdaptiveRemote Start feature. The feature enables users to utilize the key to start theengine. Alternately, the MyCadillac application 2 can also be used to start theengine of t.

It is also designed to adjust the car’s temperature to ensure thatthe cab is comfortable to drive. With the feature, the doors of the SUV can beopened and locked with having to physically touch the key.    30.  TransmissionThe new Cadillac Escalade 2018 is outfittedwith an upgraded transmission. This feature comes in the form of a new ten (10)speed automatic transmission. Together with the integrated V8 engine, the enhancedhi-tech transmission that enables the Escalade to seamlessly shift betweengears during driving.  31.  EngineThe 2018 Escalade also boasts power andefficiency.

The car is outfitted with a 6.2 liters V8 engine. To enhance itspower, the engine also boasts 420 hp and 460 pound-ft. of torque.

The V8 engineincluded in the new Escalade also features active fuel management, a multi-portDirect Injection and the new Continuous Variable Valve Timing. When combined,these features all work to ensure heightened fuel efficiency.  32.  Fueling System The 2018 Cadillac Escalade is outfittedwith a capless fueling system. This feature is designed to enable vehicleowners to easily and conveniently have access to the fuel tank as well ascomplete the re-fuelling process in a timelier manner. This is another of thefeatures that epitomize convenience as well as modernity.

 33.  Four-Wheel Drive The luxury full-size vehicle also boaststhe four-wheel drive. This feature of the car enables drivers to seamlesslytransition between the available driving modes; depending on road conditions.  34.

  Four-Wheel Drive Modes The Four-wheel drive feature of the new2018 Cadillac Escalade has three primary modes. The AUTO mode enables thedriver to shift between 4WD and 2WD during normal road conditions. The 4 Lowmode is designed to allow users to tackle the more difficult road terrains,while the 4 HI mode allows the driver to achieve traction on rough roadsurfaces.

 35.  Magnetic Ride Control This is one of the unique and innovativefeatures of the new 2018 Cadillac Escalade. The full-sized SUV boasts theability to automatically modify the suspension as needed to ensure the mostresponsive ride. The Magnetic Control feature employs the use of technology toread the terrain and surface of the road at a speed of 1000 times per second.  36.

  Hands-Free Liftgate One of the unique features of the newfull-sized Escalade is the incorporation of the new hands-free liftgate.Vehicle owners are able to use their foot to open the trunk of the car. To usethe feature, the foot should be used to kick under the center of the bumper.The action should be repeated to close the trunk after use.  37.  HeadlampsThe car is outfitted with a set of all-LEDheadlamps specifically designed to enhance the front of the vehicle. The LEDheadlamps boast five (5) fully stacked crystals.

The headlamps also include thenew Available IntelliBeam feature; which allows the headlamps to automaticallymove between high beams and low beams as vehicles come towards the car.  38.  Cornering LED LampsThis is another feature of the LEDsignature headlamps on the 2018 Cadillac Escalade. The cornering ED lamps aredesigned to work along with the IntelliBeam feature; illuminating sufficientlight around corners as the car navigates on the road.

 39.  Tail-Lamps Another unique feature of the 2018 CadillacEscalade is the Light-Blade Tail-lamp feature. It is designed as a full-LED featurethat enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.  40.  Concierge Lighting This is a novel and modern feature of the2018 Escalade. With this feature of the vehicle the various lights becomeilluminated as the car is unlock and motion is detected approaching the car. Thelights that become activated on the 2018 vehicle include the outside mirrors,door handles, running boards, head lamps as well as the tail lamps.

 41.  Cadillac Shield This feature is incorporated in allCadillac features from 2011 moving forward. The Shield feature offers aplethora of owner benefits that include remote vehicle diagnostics, currentmobile applications and premium care maintenance program.  42.  Powertrain Warranty This is a warranty feature offered toindividuals who purchase 2013 and beyond Cadillac vehicles. The coverageoffered includes maintenance for up to six (6) years or 70,000 miles travelled.

The warranty also covers 2012 models for up to 5 years or 100,000 miles oftravel. This is a limited warranty feature and also includes roadsideassistance and courtesy transportation.  43.  Courtesy Transportation The courtesy transportation feature isincluded in a number of the warranty packages offered to Cadillac Escaladeowners. This feature provides vehicle owners with a number of transportationoptions when the Escalade is in for servicing or repairs. Also included is theoption to be reimbursed for cost incurred on transportation during this period.The Courtesy transportation feature is primarily offered for 6 years or 70,000miles travelled for Cadillac vehicles from 2013.

 44.  Roadside Assistance The roadside assistance feature offered tothe Cadillac vehicle owners include toll-free phone assistance seven days weekand twenty-four hours a day, trip interruption assistance, flat tire change,emergency fuel delivery, trip routing, towing to the closest authorized dealerand trip routing.  45.  Contacting Roadside Assistance Cadillac vehicles are outfitted with OnStar.This enables vehicle owners to have access to roadside assistance when thebutton is pressed. Alternately, vehicle owners can call 1-800-224-1400.

 46.  Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty This is one of the warranty optionsavailable to the 2018 Cadillac Escalade owners. The coverage is limitedwarranty in nature and for vehicles registered within the continental UnitedStates and Canada. The Bumper-to-Bumper warranty offers coverage for any defectthat occurs with workmanship or design materials. It extends for four (4) yearsor approximately 50,000 miles.  47.  My Cadillac Application This is one of the more modern featuresavailable to owners of Cadillac vehicles.

With the MyCadillac applicationvehicle owners are able to view diagnostic details, control the wirelessfeature of the car, issue commands to the car remotely, update the navigationsystem with desired destinations, set appointments for vehicle servicing orlocate the closest certified dealer, regardless of your location. Theapplication is currently available for download in the Apple App Store andGoogle Play.  48.  Owner Guide ApplicationAnother Cadillac application available tovehicle owners is the Cadillac Escalade Owner Guide app. This application isdesigned for Cadillac vehicles that are 2015 and beyond. It providesinformation on all the features of the Escalade as well as how to best use eachof the features of the luxury car.

From the application, vehicle owners arealso able to specify preferences before entering the vehicle. The applicationis available for download in the Apple App store as well as the Android GooglePlay.   49.   CadillacMagazine Application This is one of the novel features availableto Cadillac vehicle owners and enthusiasts. The application is primarilydesigned for smart tablets and can be downloaded from Google Play as well asthe Apple App Store. The app displays stories from vehicle owners in which theyshare how they have maximized the use of the luxury car and all it has tooffer.  50.  Warranty Repairs All repairs that are covered under warrantyfor the 2018 Cadillac Escalade must be performed by a certified, authorizedCadillac dealer.

Vehicle owners are only able to use another dealer inemergency situations where a part or need cannot be satisfied by an authorizeddealer.