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The emerging and continued progress of the technology has brought a lot of positive feedback as the cause of the success and the fruit of the success. Of which, according to … ( … it made a significant impact on human resources. Now with the internet, they don’t need to rely on newspapers, flyers and other print publications to recruit for their available job positions. Also, that the recruitment had become more efficient and effective as they can now post the job online and can be seen by different people of different races in different places.The training for the newly recruited staffs had also become much easier and more efficient by information technology. They can now use virtual rooms and projections to properly and show information and use computer program training for hard to direct access activities, access inaccessible training locations and most of all, they can now train a large number of recruits.With the electronics, data storage and retrieving had now become more reliable, much accessible and faster. Of which with the huge amount of paperwork that the human resource department needs to process for the period, they can now use computers to save the data that they’ve collected and working on faster compared to the old days of writing down everything that takes a toll of their effort and time and still cannot able to finish their work for the period. They can also provide and print the files that they need immediately without the need to go and dig all the files in the cabinet, for the computerization decreases the need for the offices for cabinets.As the technology in the workplace improves, the performance of the management improves as well. The human resources department can now use different computer software to assess their staffs much easier and will immediately know who are those staffs who needed more training with its results. The technology also enhances the communication within the company, wherein the management can collect feedbacks, through their online surveys, and emails.But with positive effects and results also comes negative or undesirable effects and result especially in the workplace. One of the obvious potential side effects of digital technology use is information overload (MacCormick, Dery, & Kolb, 2013).Wherein, even though technologies expose employees to new information and helps them to come up with new ideas, they might be only focusing in collecting new ideas without sorting it out and quantifying its relevance that leads them to information overload, conflict of interest and with unnecessary and too diversified information. Also, they’re now having a hard time in balancing their personal and work life. Of which the innovative and new ideas provided by the technology also creates more work for the employees that they’ll have to do overtime, or even work in the weekends and won’t have enough time to spend with their family, friends, have fun and rest.As technology makes work done faster and easier and provides new ideas, it also sparks too much competition which is beneficial in the company, as the employees are working harder than before but also might become out of hand. Of which they can go sideways breaking ethical conduct and do malpractices (such as fraud, perjury, etc.)  to win and accomplish their goals.Furthermore, not only that they’re having a hard time balancing their work and personal life Due to technology. They’re also now losing their privacy, having their freedom diminished, and their dignity disrespected ( Their employers can now reach them anywhere outside and inside the workplace anytime and any day. Have their private plans interrupted with just a phone call, email or messages from work, that they’ll have to answer or read “not able to” is not an acceptable excuse even though they can because that time is already beyond the time of their work contract. Also with their extensive monitoring (such as security camera everywhere, and encryption to watch every move in the computers in the workplace) in the workplace, the employees are now uncomfortable to move in their own pace, to do their work comfortably as they’ll hesitate in everything they do as they feel paranoid that they’re being watched in every move that they do.These negative effects make employees suffer from cognitive, mental, physical and emotional stress which is mostly what hinders the employees to adopt in the workplace, bring out their full potential, finish their job properly and accomplish their goals. That is why the human resource department must implement regulation and practices to minimize these negative effects of technology in the workplace.As they are the one responsible for the development of the organization’s employees, they should ensure that the work and life balance of employees are addressed immediately for they have the influence over implementation or development of technology ( They should work directly both with the managers and employees, help them to set practical, realistic and thoughtful boundaries when it comes to technology efforts, expectations for themselves and their co-workers, and to practice an extensive responsible control over their time. It is an effective way to accomplish their goals without the need to do overtimes, for the employees not to spent too much time in the office and to avoid calling the employees during their day off. Also that, as technology helps them collect feedback and new ideas it should also hold them to receive feedback of encouragement, criticism, evaluation, help, and suggestions that are needed to improve their work.With the information overload, they should have an organized folder for their files with specific subjects, and collect information only from reliable resources. They should have a proper knowledge regarding the information that they really need to avoid collecting unnecessary data and set up a limit for them to know when they should stop collecting data and now implement the data that they’ve collected.They shouldn’t just also rely on virtual and electronic communication and should also practice face-to-face conversation so that they can show their ideas in more expressive and understandable way and avoid misconceptions and communication. With this, they could also build confidence and relationship. In addition to that, with their extensive monitoring, they should reassure their employees that they  are not violating any of their privacy and be at ease and do their job naturally and confidently as there are not doing something wrong and also provide them with the positive result of the monitoring (like they prevented a crime in their company because of the security cameras and caught one of their employees that was behind the tampering of their systems that made them have to do more work, etc.). Furthermore, Implement company activities for employees to go out and have fun and relieve their stress at the same time building their relationship with the company and their co-workers ( like team building activities at the beach, with games related to team building and leadership).