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The main character in this book is Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist. The book starts off at a pretty fast pace. Already He has been accused of Libel against a very powerful man. Mikael has an affair with Erika Berger, a married woman and coworker. They both agree it would be best if mikael left the company, so he quits. But He is offered a proposition by a very wealthy man Vanger, and a meeting is set up for december 26th. During the meeting Mikael is brought up to speed on the whole thing. Henrik Vanger wants Mikael to look into the disappearance of Harriet, Henrik’s niece. In return Mikael is offered evidence against winterstorm the man who mikael originally was sued by. The day Harriet went missing, the island had been blocked off do to an accident and a photo of her window being open on the same day is also a piece of evidence. It is believed by Vanger that a family member was involved in the disappearance . Vanger is in denial that Harriet is dead. Lisbeth Salander is a Hacker who works for Milton security who is introduced, she has been investigating mikael for some time now. Lisabeth has all of her spendings and wealth monitored by a guardian who passes away. She is assigned a new guardian. Shortly after this happened lizabeths laptop is destroyed which she needs for her hacking and so, so she goes to her guardian to try to get some more money where she is taken advantage of. In order to get the money she is raped several times. Finally she records one of the times it happens and uses it as blackmail to gain control over her life again. Mikael needs a new assistant for the case, shortly after this he then finds out his computer has been hacked and traces it back to lisibeth who he then offers a position to help him in the case.  Mikael and Lisibeth soon start to work hard on the case. They quickly find out Harriet’s father had been connected to the murders of women in europe for some time now. Shortly after this everything starts to click, Harriet’s father and his son Martin had been raping Harriet for some time now. This is the reason she fled.