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The United States of America is a land of opportunity which means everyone can succeed with hard work and ambitions. Education has played a major role for all individuals in the society leading to successful life. According to the American Association of Community College, about 45 percent of all college students attend community colleges (Everett). In 2015, President Obama declared America College Promise, an aspiring plan that could help increasing the number of college graduates by supporting two years of community college free for responsible students and it has started in different shape in 2017 San Francisco, California. San Francisco has pass the free tuition of first year in community college as AB19. From starting point at San Francisco, all community college should be free for full-time student at the first year because it will bring positive influences on national economy, individual and family.

Providing free class for first full-time student at community college will increase more student enrollment and it will impact on economic growth. First free year of community college gives more chance for student to get into higher education. Education attainment affect in labor market for the most part in the United States. For example, educated group get better position at work and earn more money than non-educated group, and the percentage of employment among the college graduates is higher than non-college graduates which shows this society prefer more education attainment. According to “Gender Bias in Labor Market Outcomes: U.S. Unemployment Rates of Men and Women by Educational Attainment Levels and Racial Classifications” by Pamela Morris, the Department of Labor concluded, “Occupations that employ mostly college graduates are expected to gain new jobs faster than occupations that employ workers who have less education” (Morris). In other words, higher levels of cognitive skill appear from college degrees and it plays a major role in this society as providing job opportunity. Also, education relate to country’s growth according to “Education and Economic Growth” by Eric Hanushek, Dean Jamison, Eliot Jamison and Ludger Woessamann. The research shows that improved cognitive skillfulness relate to economic growth rates, and found out that higher scores of math and science test is relevant to growth in GDP rate (Hanushek). Higher educated people contribute more on currency in circulation because high paying jobs pay higher taxes, and spend more miscellaneous money from high income. Thus, this society will have help from educated people in national economy.

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Free tuition will reduce financial stress and help students to focus on their study. Tuition fee effect a large amount of student. According to the article “Tuition and the outcomes of community college attendance: simulations for academic-program and occupational-program students” by Andrew W. Nutting, he says “almost one-third of students who drop out of college cite high tuition and fees as a major reason for leaving school. As community college tuition have risen constantly, community college student dropout rate has been increased (614, Nutting). In reality, financial burden for college students was lot more than people expectation. Community college students often struggle to balance the responsibilities of college with their full- or part-time jobs, their family or parental responsibilities, or other obligations. Their struggle often distracts study environment and make bad influence on grades. If government assist students’ first year of community college, student would get rid of stress to take care of their financial matter, and it would help student to prioritize their education. More access to college rather than not going college or expensive 4-year college would reduce student debt rate will help to maintain the grade better. In fact, a community colleges tuition is relatively cheaper than 4-year university and it is good to have experience before decide their career. Student can opt to attend community college and take advantage of first year of learning for free and they can have experience whether academic or occupational jobs would fit for them. Average 4-year college, public and in-state, 2-year tuition cost double ($14,220) than 2-year public college, in-district ($7,040) according to “Average Published Tuition and Fees” (            ). As first year of community college support about $3,520, then students might save money and go study aboard, spend more money on healthy food or buy a car. Reducing the weight of student loan debt is much help to feel free from financial pressure.

Another results suggest that higher 2-year tuition is in fact that associated with significantly higher dropout rates in both academic and occupational programs, and with significantly lower rates of terminal associate’s degree receipt in occupational programs. Dropouts correlated with higher community college tuition are especially large in late semesters, suggesting that students facing high tuition levels opt not to earn associate’s degrees despite fairly small additional costs of doing so. This lack of emphasis on earning degrees may indicate that community colleges students are interested in accumulating human capital and less interested in earning signals. It also suggests that community college graduation rates can be increased by a differential pricing system, in which students who are close to earning an associate’s degree receive tuition discounts or have their tuition rates frozen. Higher 4-year tuition is correlated with lower dropout rates in the early years of both academic and occupational programs, suggesting that students who use community college as a substitute for direct 4-year college entry are of higher quality than the mean community college student.

First community college year of free tuition fee might influence in negative way to degrade encouragement or responsibility from free money. However, most Americans dream of attending college and community colleges have become the institutions of choice for many individuals. According to ( )Dropout rate for community college is higher than 4-year college. Then how to keep them the students in college? Many immigrants’ children attend community college because of short educational background or financial crisis. Sadly, first generation of immigrant had no choice to attend college and their child suffer more on a college classes, and they felt that college environment doesn’t fit for them. Family motivation might help to prevent dropping out for immigrants. If the family does not have to worry about child’s tuition fee, immigrants also can focus on their education and can have more job opportunity in the society. As a parent, it will be happy to not inherit short education background and seeing their child have chance to educated more.

Throughout college years, students gain knowledge and skills which promote them to become productive human resources. That means it creates a more well-educated worker and a working group that has better critical thinking. This could lead to great improvement in all areas of society. Helping students obtain their educational goals is economically beneficial for both the individual and for their family.