The can see journals and conferences focusing on this

The interchange
of publicize networked and mobile communications has provided the basis for the
evolution of a new track of electronic business (mobile business). Mobile
business research has grown significantly in the past five years to a point
where we now can see journals and conferences focusing on this subject. The
paper provides estimates of the state of mobile business research. More than
230 research papers have been drawing from a research outlets, they describe
the development of this research area and describe its current status. They
also provide a view of current research and recommendations for mobile business
future research.

mobile enterprise is new organizational form that cause a big shift of the way
business is done. However, only a little theoretical work has been done to discover
what actually constitutes a mobile enterprise. The article addresses this issue
by discovering the eminent value propositions that drive the exposure of the
mobile enterprise, recognize categories of employees that can take an advantage
from mobile information and communication technology, check out what solutions
support the mobile workforce, figure out the challenges of embracing and
implementing these solutions, and give suggestions for future research. 

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