The conflict system in which the country is destabilized

 The situation in Central African Republic is at such a stage where there is disorder and human right violation in each and every aspect of the lives starting from food to shelter and what not security of civilians living in that country and it also lacks major funding for development. . CAR is part of a regional conflict system in which the country is destabilized because of the involvement of neighboring and international actors pursuing political and economic objectives. Japan rightly addresses the crisis and believes that, a rise of greater humanity coming together united for a peaceful solution is required in the battle against the ongoing conflicts. While an immediate stop of conflict might seem impossible, but there is a way out eventually if strong actions are taken against armed groups and proper initiatives are taken concerning the life of local civilians and refugees in the Central African Republic.      Japan strongly supports the resolution (A/HRC/30/L.6) taken by UNHRC regarding Central African Republic and the country is determined to help UN with the financial aid for the development of human rights and political situation in the Central African Republic. In relating to this, The Government of Japan has contributed US$12 million to United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to provide vital humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable people living in CAR. The country also considers that the recommendations given in the recent report (A/HRC/36/47/Add.1) regarding CAR should be followed accordingly. In light to this, the country has recently granted new fund of 8.207 million US dollars to programs of United Nations agencies in 2017 for civilians, refugees, returnees and IDPs in the CAR. The country regards the resolution taken by SC making MINUSCA stronger and efficient is a great step towards settling the crisis in CAR. Regarding this, the Ambassador of Japan, H.E Kunio OKAMURA mentioned situation of car and told about Japan’s decision to materialize its solidarity towards the populations in CAR by helping through UN and thus contribute to the reconstruction of CAR”      Effective steps and applicable solutions should be taken immediately to solve the humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic. The Country’s recommends the following solution for the solution of the crisis:The resolution should be rightly followed by all member countries for resolving the ongoing crisis. And, the recommendations given in the recent report of UNHRC and the last report of MINUSCA of CAR some major solutions which can be crucial towards our ultimate goal. MINUSCA is crucial to put to an end to the conflict among various armed groups in Central African Republic. Therefore, MINUSCA should be supported through financial aid and technical support by different countries of the world.The Special Criminal Court should be made functional and all leading members of the armed groups to be arrested by MINUSCA and bought under fair trial. The Central African Government to be helped urgently to deploy civil servants throughout the territory, including magistrates, in order to re-establish State authority and the rule of law. They should be directed by UN for ensuring the proper completion of investigations and prosecutions against past and present human rights violations.The Security Council should be urged to take the armed groups (Anti-Balaka and ex-Séléka) under control by MINUSCA and steps should be taken  to urgently end all violations and abuses against civilians (particularly women and children), non-combatants and civilian objects. Steps should be taken to build friendly and non-communal attitude among Muslims and Christians. The neighboring countries should strongly keep their border out of crime in order to prevent spread of crime in the areas which are still controlled by armed groups.The Security Council should be urged to take the responsibility to cooperate the works of different UN organizations and agencies in CAR. All the countries should help UN to to implement Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation, Reintegrating and Security strategies in CAR. The authorities should be helped to set up victims and witnesses protection programs which will include medical, psycho-social, legal and economic support and assistance. All initiatives should aim at preventing abuse and ending  scourge of sexual violence and exploitation by international forces and works should be done with compliance to human rights due diligence policy.        As a distinguished member of UNHRC, Japan has been helping UN through financial aid in this matter and is determined to do it in future. Irrespective of race, religion and country, from global and humanitarian perspective, every country should come forward with financial aid and technical support for making the MINUSCA stronger and establishing a functional administration system for moving forward to a peaceful Central African Republic.