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                The separation of DNA is not a super complex thought it can be very somewhat difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is constantly being done with many different thing such as fingerprints in a crime scene. Or to test whether or not someone’s related to someone else that they didn’t even know they were related to. The separation of DNA has helped people all over find out who someone is or what someone did.To begin with, electrodes are usually made of a very conducive metal. There one and only use is for electricity to enter and leave without being absorbed into it and then it can’t leave. They also have a positive and a negative charge. They are always going to be different and may not always work the exactly the same way.Secondly, macromolecules can have a massive effect on how the DNA gets separated. There are four main macromolecules carbohydrates, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), lipids, and proteins. Every single macromolecule is different compared to one another either by something like two completely different ones and from the slightest difference. Each one has a different job and ability. Carbohydrates are the main the building blocks for nutrients. Nucleic acids spread on DNA and hereditary traits to the next generation. Lipids they are useful for storing and using energy. Covalent bonds they work with temperature, polarity and physical structure and chemical compound of the each function. When they function macromolecules harness non covalent bonds when they interact with other macromolecules.Also, macromolecules are able to adapt and change when needed. They get helped to change by covalent bonds they pretty much control how they look and act how they are able to function and carry out tasks. The shape and 3 dimensional shape of the macromolecules as well as the proteins and nucleic acids are controlled by non-covalent bonds and covalent bonds. The way the macromolecules can change is when the nucleic acids area alternatively splicing (A change in the nucleotide sequence (B of simply my chemical modification.To continue, agarose gel electrophoresis are a massive part in separation DNA. This was the new found way and the best and fastest way to separate the DNA at least compared to sucrose (sugar) dense. There are steps that help decide how fast and well the separation goes by the following steps 1) the amount and type of DNA using 2) the agarose composition 3) the way the DNA was conformed 4) the amount of voltage applied 5) the pressure of ethidium Bromide 6) the types of agarose 7) electrophoresis buffer .The Separation of DNA was first discovered in the late 1800’s and it has changed the DNA field of separation has changed the world in many different ways. It has helped people all over find out thing from wither current day or from the past so we can identify whether or not this certain thing was actually this super famous person’s piece of dining wear or clothing. Separation dose take a lot of materials if you want to do it correctly that’s why only certain people like big government run places or a big companies can do it. It would be a lot for the machinery to take in to have to remember all the fingerprints from so many people that’s why it’s not a cheap thing to do.