The Cuckoo’s Nest further bring out different aspects of

The movie and the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest further bring out different aspects of the characters and the plot as a whole. The movie is based on the book and focuses on the major themes with the use of various actors who are identical to those in the novel (Forman et al., 2013). The setting, in this case, is further similar to that described by the book. Though the movie is based on the novel, not all the characters are similar particularly in their roles as shown in the novel. For instance, the main character, Chief Bromden is given a secondary role in the film. The paper will look at the setting used in both the movie and novel together with the tone, imagery among other elements. It will aim to show that the video gives a clear depiction of the story and viewers can understand quickly the movie in the short span they view it. Therefore, what one misses out when reading the novel is clearly depicted by the movie in the use of various actors who clearly bring out the meaning in the plot. The movie helps the audience understand the main idea of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the characters like Chief Bromden or McMurphy better than in case of the book.In the movie, there is the use of a setting in an actual hospital. The hospital used in this case was Oregon State Hospital. In the novel, a mental hospital was used and thus bringing out the similarities with that of the movie. The director of the establishment ended up acting in the film and further requested for the inclusion of some of the patients in the hospital. As such, the film added to the reality of mental institutions with the addition of patients at the request of the director of Oregon Hospital.  Though the movie leaves out many elements, it focuses on the significant issues shown in the novel and the respective patients in the process. The novel explains mostly the setting while the film shows it in pictures. In the novel, there is much laughter on the part of the McMurphy, which symbolizes his unconventional and candid nature. His laugh is considered “free and loud”. (Kesey, 2012, p. 12). The theme of rebellion is greatly spelled out in the novel especially where he is shown in boxers. In the movie, there is such rebellion, which is more vividly demonstrated to the viewer. In the film as well as in the novel, there is a depiction of McMurphy lifting the control panel, which represents the big nurse. He fails at this, and the movie shows the size of the equipment and the effort of McMurphy. In the novel, Chief Bromden is the main character who fakes being mute and deaf and narrates the story through the many things people say around him. In the movie, the main character is McMurphy. Bromden supports the role of McMurphy as a result. Other characters rely upon the efforts of Mcmurphy trying to rebel against the system where he encourages others like Bill, Bromden, Harding, Taber, Cheswick among others to engage in rebellion towards Nurse Ratched. In the novel, the nurse is depicted to be larger than in the movie, and further has starched outfits. She gets irked when anything makes “her outfit” not to run “smooth” (Kesey, 2012, p.41). As such, her outfit in being smooth and stiff depicts the environment she manages using rigid regulations. In the movie, the nurse is not as big as in the novel, which reduces the emphasis on her overbearing attitude. The pecking party is further depicted more clearly by the movie as a metaphor directed towards the supposed therapeutic meetings, which only end up in fights among the patients. The Combine system is brought out in the film mainly where the chief regards all people as parts forming the combined system. Nurse Ratched manages the Combine system and views all people as being robots. Through the movie, the robotic nature can be seen in the submissiveness of the patients and the fear they exhibit as opposed to McMurphy. Freedom is fought for and led by efforts of McMurphy, which is shown more vividly in the film. The irony is evident when McMurphy enters the establishment while being sane and dying in the end. The movie has a greater depth on the matters that were dealt with in the novel and added to the meaning of the story while showing the viewer the various events happening in the hospital. Though it deals with significant issues, the focus changes from the chief who is the main character in the novel to McMurphy who becomes the main character in the movie. As such, the film in making a change to the main character still brings out the various themes and meanings associated with the novel more elaborately in the end.