The data will enjoy well-developed and peer-reviewed course contents

The basic objective of science and engineering education
in Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} is to plan and guide reforms that may remodel India into a robust and vivacious data economy. during this context, the main target areas for NPTEL project are i) pedagogy,

ii) professional education, iii) distance education and iv) continuous and open
learning, roughly in
this order of
preference. work force demand for trained
engineers and technologists is way over the amount of qualified graduates that Indian
technical establishments will offer presently. Among these, the amount of establishments having absolutely qualified
and trained lecturers altogether disciplines
being tutored forms alittle fraction. A majority of lecturers area unit young and inexperienced and area unit undergrad degree holders. Therefore, it’s vital for establishments like IITs, IISc, NITs and different leading Universities in Bharat to publicise teaching/learning
content of prime quality through all accessible media. NPTEL would be among the foremost and a crucial step during thisdirection and can use technology for dissemination. Bharat wants more lecturers for effective implementation of upper education in skilled courses.
Therefore, strategies for coaching young and inexperienced lecturers to changethem do their tutorial responsibilities
effectively area unit a requirement.
NPTEL contents are often used as core course of study content for coaching functions.A large range of scholars United Nations agency area unit unable to attend scholarly establishments through NPTEL can have access to
quality content from them. All

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those United Nations agency area unit gainfully utilized in industries and every one different walks of life and who need continuous coaching and change their data will enjoy well-developed and peer-reviewed course
contents by the IITs and IISc