The decision to study pharmacy has been strengthened by

The ability
of a molecule as small as a medicinal drug to treat an extensive variety of
illnesses is an area of science that really interests me. Pharmacy will give me
the opportunity to learn more about the composition of drugs and their amazing
ability to help people. My decision to study pharmacy has been strengthened by
my interest to learn more about the interactions of medical drugs, combined
with the process of dispensing these to the community.

In A level
biology I was fascinated by the use of antibiotics to treat infectious diseases
such as tuberculosis and how drugs such as beta blockers were designed to bind
to the receptors for adrenaline on the heart to lower blood pressure. Art A
level has also allowed me to expand my creative flair and has given me a
broader horizon of thinking. It also developed my ability to pay attention to
detail, which will help me focus better in situations.

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I enjoy
learning organic chemistry, especially the synthesis of medications such as
aspirin and their interaction in the body. Chemistry has also given me the
ability to use techniques: for example infrared spectroscopy to help determine
the functional groups within a molecule, and mass spectrometry to identify the
fragments to measure the mass of a compound. These fascinating techniques have
helped me identify structures of sample drugs.

I also enjoy
reading scientific articles from The Pharmaceutical Journal website, as it increases
awareness about ongoing scientific developments. The most recent article I read
explored the ‘role pharmacists have in the conservation of effective
antibiotics’ as pharmacists have an important role to advise patients about
antibiotics taken at regular intervals and their side effects as well
highlighting antibiotic resistance.

Work experience
at my local pharmacy confirmed my desire to study this course at university.

This gave me the opportunity to observe the day to day role of a pharmacist. Whilst
observing a clinical pharmacist, I realised that a pharmacist requires a high
level of communication skills because they have to advise a wide range of
patients with different personalities from different backgrounds. There is also
a lot of teamwork involved in pharmacy; the team had to make sure the correct
drug and dosage was prescribed by the doctors. Volunteering at St Helier
hospital enabled me to enhance my communication skills as I spoke to patients
with different backgrounds. Also observing nurses administrate medication to
patients and noting the importance of attention to detail are vital skills in
pharmacy. Moreover, my appreciation and understanding of patient care has
helped me become more empathetic with different patients with a wide range of
medical problems.

Volunteering to be part of the primary school enterprise
challenge allowed me to work in a team to design a series of tasks to inspire
children to create their own shop. I also worked at a care home, where I had to
take care of people with disabilities; this experience taught to me to be
really patient around elderly people and disabled people. Although this was
challenging, I received a lot of gratification by taking care of others. I
attended karate lessons and mentored students in a lower rank than me and
helped them practice their skills by demonstrating the correct moves and

By becoming a
pharmacist, I will be able to acquire a wide array of pharmaceutical knowledge,
and not only help people by fulfilling their prescriptions but I will also be
able to share my knowledge helping treat health problems and assisting others. Furthermore,
I want to contribute to the advancement of pharmacy. I have a variety of skills
which will help me succeed at university and I am conclusive in my decision to
become a pharmacist. I
want to be a part of the pharmaceutical industry to provide the best form of
health care by making a difference to other people’s lives.