The decreasing these unnecessary deaths is to teach and

The Second Amendment affirms, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  This amendment has been an extremely controversial subject since the time it was written, even more so in the last decade. Gun control violates our right in its entirety. Firearm restriction laws will not stop gun-related deaths, prevent criminals from obtaining guns, and will give our government the power to impose upon our right to defend and protect ourselves. Firearm control laws will not bring gun-related deaths to a halt. The best solution in decreasing these unnecessary deaths is to teach and educate the American people of proper gun safety. In doing this, we have access to ownership of guns.   Gun control laws will unquestionably lead to more extreme deficiencies within our country through our government’s future decisions concerning any challenged amendments. Bearing arms is a key freedom of the American people, and for that reason was it written by the founding fathers of our country. Some may say that because it was written in a different time, it does not apply to the country today, but this amendment implements the same principle they needed then; in that we reserve the right to protect and defend ourselves when law enforcement is unable to. Possessing firearms is a crucial entitlement to the protection and safety of all American citizens. Some may argue that this amendment was written with the intention of preserving military personnels’ rights, implying that citizens cannot legally own guns without the government’s permission. But those who regard this as true are ignorant to the consequences that would follow the passing of gun control laws.specifically, meaning typical citizens are not included in this designation.  But to believe such delusive thinking is to be ignorant to the evident dispute