The design & develop an application, then these questions


The world of communication is
evolving with the use of instant messaging applications like Whatsapp,
Snapchat, Skype etc. Infact, with the strongest reach and an easy-to-use
function, Whatsapp has become the most popular messaging application

What all does it take
to create such valuable services? How does one tread the path to connect
billions of people with such cost-effectiveness?

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If you are creative,
have an idea or concept that can ease the life of general public and are eager
to design & develop an application, then these questions must have striked

Developing a large
scale network app like whatsapp is rare and requires great effort. Let us see how it is built from
the ground up :

of the App

Let us define the phases and consider time and
technology involved in it.

                   Fundamental Structure of the App

text transmission 
is one of the prominent features of 
Whatsapp. It should be applicable to different platforms like Android,
Windows, iOS. To develop a lucid feature like chats, it takes around 80 – 120 hours depending on the platform for
which it is developed. The software used is Ejabberd XMPP Application Server
written in Erlang prgramming language.

Starting with this basic
opening feature, whatsapp tots up other components like Importing contacts and Notifications
adding another 50 hours for each to develop.

or registration part of whatsapp is quite convenient. The user needs to input
his phone number and it creates a connected account. No identity theft or loss
of password. This is an additional 40 hour task using XMPP to create accounts
with the Jabber ID.

Adding New Dimension to the basic

Instant messages are no
longer only text. They have evolved into pictures, audio, video, contact
sharing etc. This multimedia transfer
is done by uploading a multimedia file. This file is to be delivered to the
HTTP server, which then sends a link to the content together with its Base64
encoded thumbnail. 100 more hours for it and 80 hours for geolocation. Stickers and Emojis – additional 80

Defining Aesthetics

Wrapping up the app
project is equally important. When it has to be used by thousands of users,
there should be some artwork involved. Design
and theme, attractive notifications, customization etc – all this should be
given a room.

This further adds up 100-140
hours to the project with UI/UX design.

Imbibing Techno-Innovations

Not to forget the
latest technological advancement of VOIP
(Voice Over Internet Protocol) which lets users make free local and
international calls (voice and video) using internet. This feature will add 200
more hours to the project.

Development of app
would include some additional processes like Project management (add 10%) and
quality assurance (add 15%).


Application Development Cost

The development cost,
which is conventionally measured in dollar per hour for an application like
whatsapp can take a team of 5-6 developers working for 14-16 weeks with a
costing of $64 – 82K.

Rates per hour differ
for different regions.


The number of monthly
active Whatsapp users worldwide in July 2017 were expected to be 1300 million. That’s
very much ahead of the curve. For a big picture like this to come up, there is
a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

But if you are a
diamond in the rough, be ready to be polished!