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The Role of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the Logistics IndustryA professional freight forwarding company ensures efficient, timely and cost-effectivetransfer of goods from one place to another. Freight forwarders specialize in managingthe logistics process and act as an intermediary necessary, making sure the goodsarrive at their final destination safely and without damage. Freight forwardingcompanies have to deal with numerous customs regulations and negotiate on tariffs,this is the reason why they need to be fluent in the regulations sets by the governmentfor shipping by air, land, rail and sea.Professional freight forwarding companies use the latest software designed tostreamline the shipping process. Information Technology puts freight forwarders in abetter position to manage all types of risks and benefits of shipping and overcomeshipping challenges both nationally and internationally. Staying up-to- date on theregulations helps in avoiding potential problems that might occur during theclearance of merchandise.Freight companies need to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures laiddown by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before importing or exportinggoods. They are expected to know and understand all entry requirements that arespecific to the items they import or export. Launched in 2003, CBP serves as an agencyof the Department of Homeland Security. It merges the functions of the formerImmigration, Border Patrol, Customs and Naturalization Service, as well as, Animaland Plant Health Inspection Service.CBP is United States' premiere border enforcement agency. It is responsible forcontrolling, regulating, as well as, facilitating the movement of carriers andcommodities locally and internationally, between United States and other nations. Thejob of CBP is to protect the American consumer and his rights. It also looks after theenvironment and protects it against the introduction of toxic, hazardous, or noxiousproducts into the United States. It is also responsible for detecting and investigatingfraudulent activities that are intended to avoid payment of taxes, duties, and fees, oractivities that are meant to evade legal requirements of international trade.Today, with the advancement in technology and digitization of the logistics industry,the freight forwarding companies are better able to manage their shipping processes.New technologies in the form of customizable software are enabling greater efficiencyand more collaboration between freight companies and their clients. Freightmanagement software are reshaping the logistics industry and enhancing itsperformance in the marketplace.