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The reason why I choose literary sociogram to analyze the story is because it plays as the major tool to identify the main characters in the story and links the relation between characters and objects by supporting the events that happened between characters. The sociogram clearly displays how the characters were related ,and as the servant runs as the main character in this story who connected to every character mentioned in the story, mapping the relationship of the characters from the servant effectively gives a clear picture on what going on throughout the story and on each character. This also includes the cause and effect on what each character do which seems to be very important part for this story.Theme Development The themes behind this story are involved to friendship, generosity, goodness, honesty and gratefulness. What goes around is always come back around plays as the important role in this story. This means that when you do something good to others, the good thing will eventually come back to you. This is similar to what the servant did to the three kinds of animals. He unconditional saved animals’ life during his journey so these animals helped him back in return to do difficult tasks without asking them to do. This also relates to friendship as good friends will have each other’ back and help one another. Therefore, it is significant to be good and treat others like you want to be treated. Critical Events The servant was complained as stealing the queen’s ring and had to prove his innocence. He ate the white snake, and it gave him a supernatural power to understand animal talking so he can find the actual thief and proved his sincerity. The king returned the freedom life to the servant to explore the world. The servant met the three kinds of animals which are ants, fishes, and ravens along his journey. He saved these three hopeless animals’ life from danger with no condition and unexpected reward. When it was his turn to do difficult tasks, these three grateful animals came back to help him with the same none condition. Finally, he completed all the tasks and won the princess’s heart. The servant and princess were married and lived happily together ever after.Insight According the the story, it is clear that the pattern of three is applied to most of the events. To prove, the servant had helped the three kinds of animals during his journey which are ants, birds, and ravens. There are three fishes panting for water and three ravens that he met. The servant also ordered to do three difficult tasks in order to marry the princess. Therefore, the pattern of three seems to be a significant number in this story.Questions The questions toward this story is little as what happening in the story is simple. The cause and effect of characters are reasonable and provable in real life. However, it is undeniable to think that the moral on what goes around come back around may not happen to all of the people or it might be happening to everyone but coming in different time. As we can see that there are many good and bad people in this world, and some people who do bad thing never receive what he did in return yet. This example possibly may create a great conflict and question to this moral lesson influencing the bad people to continue doing the bad thing and never get to learn.Reflective Coda The literary sociogram gives me a clear picture of the overall events and how each character is related by looking on the connection of the characters and the supporting events. The moral in this story is simple, and it really happens in the reality especially to friendship and humanity. Everyone need to have generosity and honesty in their mind like what the servant has to remain peace in the society and make the world a better place.