The farmers and those in need of housing, as

        The right to our Freedom of speech should not have a preface, climax or end to our movement for change. The authors believe that the reason why the protest is not effective is that the restriction of the setting that consists of the time, place, and issue. The government feels the urge to get involved by not only putting a limitation on protestors through special permits to where they can protest and set up to an area where proters get no publicity from the audience. The government’s promises things that they don’t accomplish and not expect the public to get a bad reaction to such thing. I think although the governmentment  Lacks support for the involvement of the public making people feel that their voice is unwanted. Although the government seeks his own invested interest through limitations when people want to achieve justice in a non-violent way such as protesting, boycotting, petition, according to the author this method are ineffective because people get flustered with the injustices that they become riots. On the other hand there are also positive outcomes of protesting because these groups eventually create their non-profits where their are affective because they now have a mission statement and most are funded by the government. Almost 8 decades ago the United States went through one of the worst tradgies ever. The Great Depression was an economic catastrophe that affected all Western industrialized countries and changed American society and government forever. The New deal was effective because it helped the failing banking system, restored people hope to pursuit a better future, provide assistance to farmers and those in need of housing, as well as the increasing of job opportunities. Therefore  the Great depression,  the new deal, and the Dust Bow;  where a turning point in  American History, . The New Deal helped the failing banking system by providing them with programs like the federal deposit insurance corporation(FDIC). Their mission was to preserve and promote confidence to the public. They accomplished their goal by recognizing, controlling, and pointing out risks to the deposit insurance funds; by limiting the effect on the economy and the financial system when a bank or thrift institution fails. The emergency banking relief act(EBRA). Also helped the banks the purpose was for banks to be inspected by the treasury department and those stable could on. During the era of the Great Depression, it drastically decreased when the New Deal Programs were established. Moreover, it was the banks and business goal to reform and fight the Great Depression. In addition, the Dust Bowl provided assistance to farmers since the eight-year drought. The drought occurred when farmers were already suffering from an agricultural depression due to the cost of new expensive farming equipment that cost them money. This lowered the profits they earned from their crops. The farmers were in debt and couldn’t  pay their taxes so they so they had to sell their lands, fortunately, programs like; the Agriculture Adjustment Administration ( aided farmers and regulated crop production), Tennesse Valley Authority( TVA). ( developed the resource of the Tennesse Valley), and the Rural Electrification Administration(REA), ( Provided affordable electricity for isolated rural areas). Overall, it brought relief to people with unexpected outcomes erupted. Lastly, the hardships of the Great Depression had a tremendous social and psychological impact on families. As a result, it caused people to stay unemployed and homeless.  The economy had collapsed for multiple reasons like the stock market crash, Bank Failures, and drought conditions. Therefore reforms like the civilian conservation crop(CCC) provides jobs for single males on conservation projects, federal emergency relief administration( FERA) helped states to provide aid for the unemployed and for housing there was federal housing admiration( FHA) insured loans for building and repairing houses. In conclusion, during the Great Depression people had defined it as a tragedy, but like every other story, it had a very good ending because the New Deal change through reforms that were going to make you feel protected, supported, and secure. The the banks failing, farmers losing their farms , unemployment, and people ending up homeless where all the after mat