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The novel Divergent shows  an idea of what can happen when the idea of individualism  .The relationship between the society and government is pretty significant.The stability between the two is dependent on power and who is in control of that power.If one side shows  more power than the other, the results can be determining to the opposing side. The author (Veronica Roth) shows what giving the government too much power can do to a civilization and why society should try and handle it over. In the novel Divergent a sixteen year old girl called Beatrice/Tris lives in a futuristic community of Chicago,Illinois.Her world consists of a government that controls everything and everyone, the population is divided amongst five factions and they are each categorized by a  humans habit and that determines what your role in the community will be. Tris was born into Abnegation, the selfless, but always felt she belonged in another faction and would later on transfer to become Dauntless, known as the brave.The government forces citizens, at the age of sixteen, to take an exam called the Aptitude test. The test places you into a simulation, and tests you for certain traits. Based on that person’s simulation results, they will be given what faction it is they fit into. From this novel you can clearly see that people think they are living in a perfect world when in reality they are not. You can see that in the statement that Marcus stated at the choosing ceremony, ” Welcome to the choosing ceremony.Welcome to the day we honor the democratic philosophy of our ancestors, which tells us that every man has the right to choose his own way in this world.”  This is, in a way, a tactic they used to make the citizens believe that the choice of faction is theirs, when in reality they have been brainwashed to thinking so by taking the simulation exam. They use their power to make it easier to manipulate the way the society and the civilization works. In this novel you can clearly see the problems the society had to face with individuality, for ex “A new place, a new name. I can be remade here. ‘Tris,’ I say firmly.” In this moment, not only does Tris adopt her new name, but she adopts a new self. By rejecting her plain Abnegation name, Tris shows how she wants to move on and fully change herself in the new world she has chosen. if she had not taken a first step towards forsaking her old life, she would have had a much harder time fitting in with the Dauntless. This shows how Tris changed herself not because she wanted to but because of the government and the factions. The author shows examples and warnings of what can happen to our government tomorrow and that when the government gets too much power, it then opens up the ability for them to abuse it. Divergent demonstrates how dangerous government control can be  because it leads the reader to thinking of dangerous possibilities that today’s government can hold for tomorrow’s society. Veronica Roth’s dystopian narrative warns us about many dangers of our future society and how it could impact us. It is trying to show that even today, the communities we live in have established their factions and we find ourselves pressured to fit into one.