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THE COST OF SEXISM ASSIGNMENTWhy does Tatiana Maslany say the Telefilm goal of increasing women in film doesn’t mean anything?  Explain her reasoning and your thoughts on this.        Tatiana Maslany the lead actor for the hit show Orphan Black, says that the Telefilm goal of increasing women in film doesn’t mean anything. The reason for this is because there is no actual plan in the statement made by an executive director, Carolle Brabant. Brabant, who has been “hyping” up this major announcement had little to say about the actual topic, stating only a vague picture of what Telefilm has imagined. Leaving out key parts such as the wish to achieve a 50/50 gender split in films by 2018. Many companies such as Screen Australia, clearly outlined what they want to achieve, mentioning the 50/50 goal in their explanation and providing a clear and concise time frame of when they want to achieve this goal. Whereas Telefilm did not do this, as mentioned before they left out important such as the 50/50 gender split, the time frame, and a specific goal. It seems that Telefilms only said this to stay with the crowd and jump on the bandwagon. I find this disgusting as Telefilms does not seem to truly support the gender equality notion and only publicly speak about this topic for the increased attention. I fully support what Tatiana Maslany had to say because there is a complete truth to the statement. The idea that Telefilm has with increasing gender equality has no motivation to it, no drive and no passion. To me, they are just another company who feels the need to be artificial to stay relevant.List 5 different statistics in this article about the underrepresentation of women in Canadian film or film schools.           1.For films that had received more than $1 million dollars in investment, only about 4 percent of those films were directed by a woman.           2.It is reported that ½ the students that enrolled in film schools in Canada since the early 2000s are women, according to the 2010 Burgess report.           3. During the 2013-14 fiscal year, it was discovered by Fraticelli that of the films supported by Telefilm women directed in 17% of the films.           4. The Birks Diamond Tribute which is organized by Telefilms is supposed to empower and support women, while actually, only a mere 4 percent of the funding of the event goes towards women.           5.  Jaye witnessed the same gender dynamic at play in her Ryerson class last winter. Her students were representative in terms of race and gender, but the short films they produced weren’t so diverse, casting 81 percent white males.Name 3 problems with the Birks Diamond TributeThe Birks Diamond Tribute. an event that is supposedly held every year to honor the great achievements by women in the film industry, well at least that’s what they want you to think. The Birks Diamond Tribute is held by the organizations Telefilm Canada and Birks. There are quite a few problems with this event that many people have, myself being among them now. Firstly, in the article, it, states that “they ally diamonds with women”. What does this mean exactly? Well, it certainly doesn’t mean what the statement itself means literally, instead of awarding and praising women who dedicate their blood, sweat, and tears towards their acting careers, this event only shines the light on a select amount of woman. This whole “diamond tribute” is a bit tacky in itself, as it does the complete opposite of what it is trying to get away from. Rewarding incredible women with a material object, which is fancy and shiny, exactly what the media expects from women, being seen as objects. In addition, the second problem is that honoring these women makes it easier to forget the widening gender gap in Canadian film. In the moment it may seem that the event is doing the opposite, as it is showing recognition to women in the film industry but this recognition to the select amount of women takes away from the other women trying to make it to the spotlight.This false sense of equality and a small age gap can be very bad as it leaves many women left unrecognized for their work, and with the continuation of the event for years to come it may just increase the gender gap even more. Finally, the last problem with the Birks Diamond Tribute is that only 4 percent at their real budget actually goes towards women and that there is no real interaction between Telefilms and the women in the industry struggling to find opportunities unless events such as these arrive. This is not good because it just shows that the event is just sort of there for a publicity sort of gathering.Create a poster with images and text to bring attention to the information in either TALK IS CHEAP, UNCONSCIOUS BIAS., BLACK FILMMAKERS, MALE GAZE, FINDING DIVERSITY – the marking scheme is below.State which person’s story in the article resonated with you and why.The story that resonated with me the most I feel was “Unconscious Bias” written by Laura Nordin. The reason for this is because I have experienced this in my past many times, as many others have also I am sure. This is a story of a person who feels that their voice is never heard, and they are overshadowed by another person, this happens a lot in the modern age. There are millions of great ideas that are never heard because they are overshadowed by others, but the one feeling I am sure no one likes to experience is when someone else gets credit for an idea you were previously ignored for. This is what the story ” Unconscious bias” is all about. I can relate to the countless women who have experienced the dismissal of their opinions, only to hear the same opinion being praised later on. I can truly feel the frustration expressed in this article by the author, they extensively reiterate that as a woman they know society makes them feel inferior. I feel the opinion of women matter just as much as their male counterparts because their judgment or decision would probably better than the one suggested by a male. For many years people have underestimated the contribution of women, saying that they are not as intelligent as men and they are inferior, however many great ideas come from women. Furthermore, many people in the film industry assume that attractive women are nothing but a pretty face, this is what’s called “unconscious bias”. Assuming and judging a person based on looks and self-opinions. I can connect with this on a personal level because I myself have done this before too. I have seen someone and judged their personality based off their looks, which I completely regret. Women can be just as commanding and intelligent as men, if not more. Write a paragraph detailing what the underrepresentation of women in the film industry costs the Canadian entertainment industry, and society in general.  Write 3 distinct thoughts/ideas.    Canada as a country has come a long way in terms of its past. From the Aboriginals to the struggle of racism, the countless wars and much more. Canada throughout the world is recognized as a multicultural country. Although many people may think Canada may be perfect and always happy, this is not true. There is one major aspect of the country that is lagging behind much of the rest, this is the representation of women in the film industry. The underrepresentation of women in the film industry costs the Canadian entertainment industry and society in general in a number of ways. Firstly, the underrepresentation of women affects the entertainment industry in a very negative way. To explain, even in the present day women are often not hired enough in the film industry, resulting in a male dominance in entertainment as a whole. How often do you see a woman as the superhero or the hero in general? More times than one a woman is left unrecognized for their talent and this can be harmful to the film industry as many great talents are unknown due to the lack of women in the film industry, which could have been potential profit for the film. Films such as Wonder Woman was a box office hit, as it connected with many female viewers and found a new fanbase that many other superhero movies in the genre have never been able to reach.  In addition, the underrepresentation of women in the film industry can cost other women their careers. Many of the up and coming actors rely on well-known actresses to have established a good relationship with directors, which results in new opportunities and doors being opened to more amateur actors. However if these actresses are not given the chance to establish a good relationship with filmmakers due to the sheer fact that they are female, takes away from the chance that many of these amateur actors could have had. Furthermore, the underrepresentation in the film industry cost society in general for women in the world looking for employment. Over the years there has been a growing unemployment rate all over the world, most notably in Canada. Women who are struggling to find employment opportunities are met with shut doors as the film industry refuse to hire them, which in turn leads to higher unemployment rates. This understandably affects Canada as a whole and puts the unemployment rate at a higher rate. As you can see, women can have a tremendous impact on the film industry if given the chance, and I would love to see more female directed films.