The friendly products will earn five-star customer review. This

























The feedback review is an effective tool that defines the
credibility of a seller. A good seller who conducts genuine business with high
quality customer friendly products will earn five-star customer review. This
helps them earn repeat purchase from the seller. This enables the seller to
earn repeat purchase from his/her customers and effectively formulate retention
strategies with discounts and offers to loyal customers. The customers highly
prefer making purchases from sellers with positive past records 80 percent of
sales are dependent on the reviews of past customers.


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The Online platforms such as EBay/Ali Express offers wide options for
the sellers today to reach out to the whole world as their target audience to
boost their sales make their products look attractive in the global platform.
This reduces the financial risk of bulking up stock and warehouses. The seller
also has an opportunity to re-post the products multiple times without any
further additional charges until the product sells.


Close ups for important details such as the

Use a High Resolution Camera Settings

Use a camera stand

Stick to natural lighting and avoid flashes

Preferably use a plain backdrop

Quality clear pictures of the instrument is a definite eye catchy
factor for a buyer. The first element the buyer notices is the picture of the
product when making online sales and based on this if satisfactory will proceed
with checking the details and specifications of the instrument. There are five
things to keep in mind when taking a quality picture of an instrument.


Identify the going rate in the market for the same instrument with
the similar condition. This helps the seller’s products to look competitive to
the buyer and reasonable. The seller also can customize the product and raise
the price slightly higher to appeal more the customer.


Homework needs to be done in terms of the details of the gear and
the number of additional features it offers. To gain a comparative advantage to
make a few hundred dollars it is mandatory to include all the necessary details
that highlights to the buyer that the seller is well aware of the product
he/she sells.


The rapid development of technology as surpassed the traditional
method of conducting business today. The online business sales have doubled
within a year by cutting down their warehousing costs drastically and this is
mainly due to their effective marketing skills and a few other 21st
century millennial strategies. This article below speaks about five key steps
to sell your musical instruments and boost your sales.

Consider these Four Steps to sell Musical
Instruments (The Right Way)





Dancing classes are now an upcoming trend among the younger
generation. Starting from dancing competitions to prom nights, dancing has
gained high popularity for the benefits that it offers. Students who actively involve
themselves in dancing develop a strong a good physical fitness as well as
mutual understanding with people from different diverse backgrounds. Dancing
and drill movements are now popular ice breaking tools for orientations
programs to bring out the shy individuals who experience stage fright and are hesitant
to be forward in their approach.


Today instrumental play is a very popular mind soothing activity
that helps relax the mind and the soul. Guitar
Lessons are a fine instrument in refining patience and discipline for a
student. It provides great exposure to different cultures. As common with other
instruments, it develops physical skills and has a greater positive impact on
academic performance along with good social skills.


Quizzes are an effective way of tapping the IQ level of a child.
This spreads light on the general knowledge of a student and encourages
students to read books and obtain information to be more aware of general
affairs that happens in a global level. Quizzes today are common way of
evaluating a student’s general knowledge score.


Sports is a popular activity in every school today with its
uprising interschool competitions. Students who take part in sports have a
special grade awarded for them for achieving exceptional results in sports such
as Football, Cricket, Hockey and rugby. Sports achievements are also recognised
in universities whereby scholarships are awarded on the basis of certifications
and awards obtained for sports activities.


Apart from the faculty of academic studies and extra classes,
school also offers wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as Sports,
Drill Competitions, Quizzes, Dancing and Drum

The importance of sports and instrumental competitions were
acknowledged and child psychology were understood. Children’s require break
intervals amidst high levels of exam stress and this needs to be catered
effectively by the academic staff as well as the parent’s support.

School is the stepping stone to a lot of new things for a child
starting from the primary school. In the early 2000s the importance of
extra-curricular activities was given less priority and more importance was
given to academic studies. This was the traditional way of teaching where
sports and drill dances were thought as unproductive activities. In the late
2008 the schools have changed their way of teaching and also altered the
approach of defining success of a student in school.

Five Important Extra – Curricular Activities
in School







Learning drum creates a platform to meet new people. It helps you
relate to people who know about drumming or would appreciate drums. It also
provides opportunities to create your own band of individuals and socialize
with new people wherever you go. As a drummer, you need to be able to express
yourself without words and this is a special skill. This improves the non-verbal
way of communication. This does have a positive effect on the academic lessons
of a student and increases the level of concentration and processing speed.


By actively learning drum it is an apparent fact that people burn a
lot of calories in the process of learning. This is highly true due to rigorous
hand movements and mind calculations to foresee the upcoming beat that needs to
be played synchronizing with the music. People get fit with while drumming
helping them break down while having fun. Research says that on average people
burned 275 calories in a span of roughly 30 minutes.


Drumming takes a lot of practice to perfect it. This includes loud
beat and soft beat and this requires the growth mind-set of the drummer to
synchronize effectively to understand the beats and play the them correctly. It
takes high level of confidence and guts to play a loud beat and this improves
also improves the drummer’s ability to take on more challenging tasks. Drum teachers often give their students
a set of challenging parts to work on and this needs to be broken down into
smaller parts and play them slow to understand the beat. It takes a few repetitive
practice before perfecting it and this done extend in applying to other aspects
of life.


Attending drum lessons
reduces the level of frustration, anxiety and stress regardless of few minutes
of playing the drum. Research says that, drummer’s brain releases feel good
endorphin that creates positive energy within the individual and highly boosts
the mood to be positive.


This article emphasizes the important of learning drum and how
positively brings healthy changes to your lifestyle as well as your health and
other factors.

In today’s highly competitive world the people are so occupied
with the typical 09 hours of work. This mainly leads to high levels of stress
and discomfort which negatively affects their health condition. These
imbalances their work life balance and has bad effect on their family life for
most middle age individuals.

Benefits of Learning Drum










Young children who have not learned music at their school days
tend to listen only to cultural genres and popular types of music which is
simply due to their lack of exposure to the in depth musical knowledge.
Children with musical knowledge from their early age learn to appreciate and
understand all types of music from Jazz, folk and Rock. This is mainly due to
their music teachers who have exposed them to different varieties of musical
styles and every music does differentiate and has its own rhythm.

Children who attend private
piano lessons get accustomed to musical applications instilled in them and
this actually helps them quickly pick up on concepts such as fractions and
shapes. This creates a high level of educational value to the child that helps
them develop their cognitive ability of recognizing and understanding objects
and theoretical concepts at a faster pace.

Learning music is a creative art that improvises the concentration
of a child by helping their brain to make faster computations and translate
them to hand movements. The adults who adopt an interest towards learning music
more often develop their critical thinking ability while playing some musical
instrument that does require mind computation along with physical movements.  

The most highly popular musical instrument a child is first put to
learn are Piano Lessons which
solidifies the basics that are needed to know. Along with the joy of playing a
musical instrument for the child it also enhances the physical and social
skills of a child which will be continued throughout their lives.

Most schools today are integrating music as a subject and is part
of their academic syllabus. Research states that, activities apart from studies
does have a positive effect on the child’s mental behaviour and this benefit
extends to positive grading in the academic subjects.

But however, the activity that has remained the same till date is
playing musical instruments or learning music. Music is for the body, mind and
soul which is a relaxation for the mind and the soul of the children growing in
the early teenage.

The children of the today’s generation have multiple hobbies and
interests compared to the yesteryears. Namely a few includes Games, Books,
Sports, Technology, Fishing and so on. These have been the go to hobbies for
most of the children in their early teenage and these hobbies have been changed
drastically with the impact of technology today.

Extra-Curricular Activities for the Children

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