The from a humiliating occupation force due to the

The most
important development of World War I was the harm that was done to Germany
which sparked World War II. Once Germany’s pride, military, and economy
plummeted because of the Treaty of Versailles, it left a spot for the rise of a
powerful political leader; Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Although, the war
was triggered by the invasion of Poland by Germany, the main causes are way
more complex than how they appear.

            After the end of World War I, the
allies put together the Treaty of Versailles for Germany to sign on May 7.
German people believed the treaty was unjust and unfair to them, they wanted
changes made but their efforts were useless due the allies threatening the
country with the continuous of the blockade. On June 28, 1919, the treaty was
signed with the main terms harming Germany the most. First, they had to accept
full blame for starting World War I; this took away their pride since they were
the only country upon their allies that had to do such an action. Politicians
wanted Germany to take full responsibility for the war, at first they wanted
the country to pay reparations as high as 33 million pounds but in the treaty
they settled for 6,660 million pounds.

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Despite the lower cost, this price still made it hard for Germany,
at the time, to pay it off; they finally finished paying the debt in 2010. In
order to make France feel comfortable, Germany suffered from a humiliating
occupation force due to the treaty. Germany was only allowed a small army, and
a few naval ships but no tanks, air force or submarines were allowed. The
Rhineland was also de-militarized and occupied by the allies for about fifteen
years. These military restrictions made the German people bitter, they argued
that they were now vulnerable to attack and the Rhineland was considered source
of their military; another humiliating factor for them.

Even worse for Germany, 13% of territory was taken from Germany and
given to other countries with the help of the Allies. Also, close to 6 million
citizens of Germany were placed under foreign nation jurisdictions. France
ended up with Alsace and Lorraine and the German coal mines in the Saar Region.
The Staar Region was a highly industrialized area for the Germans and was an
economic loss for them. The state of Poland was eventually recreated as well;
Belgium, Denmark, and Czechoslovakia was also taken from Germany due to the
Treaty of Versailles. These events angered the people of Germany because they
thought they deserved to be in control of those lands since they’re ethnically
German people.

Germany was in chaos after the Treaty of Versailles, they would be
the country coming out of World War I who would be struggling the most. The
people of Germany were praying for a fix to their hopeless problem; in
Germany’s case, it was powerful individual named Adolf Hitler. In January of
1933, Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany; he wanted to return his
county to its previous power, and promised the people of Germany that he would abolish
the Treaty of Versailles; doing so start to pave the way into World War II.