The from low socioeconomic backgrounds sometimes find it challenging

The idea that came to my head was a non-profit that specializes in college housing for those in financial need. This idea came to me after talking to a friend that took classes at school and was having trouble finding and paying for affordable housing. It is something that interests me since I can see how first hand that it is a problem in our community today. There are numerous non-profit organizations today that offer housing services. My non-profit organization is aimed at college students who are struggling financially. It is also not only for university students, but for community college and trade school students who need housing as well. Students who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds sometimes find it challenging to get housing once they join school far away from their homes.         My example that I am going to use as a non-profit organization that houses students is HERA. HERA is a non-profit organization that is based in California, which is dedicated to help students as well as people most vulnerable in a number of issues including household financial issues. Among the beneficiaries are college students who the organization helps in conjunction with the community by creating innovative solution to housing challenges as well as engage in policy work locally and also nationally to support the project (Wymer, Knowles, & Gomes, 2016).         It takes a lot of hard work to start a nonprofit organization. This is because initially it might not be an easy thing because of the financial challenges to support the projects of the non-profit organization. It also requires motivation and the individual must be goal oriented. They should have a plan on what they want to achieve. For example, having this idea in my mind, I would start a non-profit organization to support college students, including community college and trade school students, who need housing facilities and who are not able to afford them. That would be my motive. I believe that the community also is very important in this case. Without the community, starting a non-profit organization would be challenging. A non-profit organization would need a board. The board should be interested in the project fully and spearhead the affairs of the organizations. Through this process, the organization is able to meet its set objectives, mission and vision (Wymer, Knowles, & Gomes, 2016).         In order for the non-profit to be acceptable to the public, it is important for the management to ensure that it is community oriented. It should be touching on the issues that the community is facing. In this case, it will focus on solving housing problems for students. The non-profit organization should be able to accommodate the students at large. This portrays a good image in the society and it becomes acceptable. The non-profit organization should fight for human rights. This is very important. It is actually the main purpose why many non-profit organizations are formed. They are in line with the human rights. Housing the college students does not only look into the rights of the poor students, but also their needs which is very essential for any learner in order to concentrate in their studies.  (Wymer, Knowles, & Gomes, 2016).         According to Pakroo, (2017) in order to make the non-profit organization to donors, there is need for good organization that goes in line with the public relations. An organization that has good reviews from the community is able to get funding with ease. On the other hand, once the community accepts the deeds of the non-profit organization, it becomes the first donor. A good example is HERA. The Californians love what HERA does and the locals are willing to donate whatever they have to accommodate the students. Some of the residents even donate their unattended houses just to accommodate the students for free. Others have adopted the students and they spend in their homes while attending to school. This is great support. It is also important for the organization to invest in good communication that will create publicity. This can be done through social and media advertising. It is also very important to have the organization registered legally by the government (Wymer, Knowles, & Gomes, 2016). The donor wants to support something that is legal and accepted by the authorities involved. Finally, the plan of the organization is very important. The donor should be interested in the mission, objectives and visions of the non-profit organization. The plan should also contain what the organization will do in the future as well as its benefits to the society. A well laid structure is very important as it makes the non-profit organization legitimate and with clear strategies.         The best legal structure for this particular project would be informal non-profit. This is because the organization will have full support form a group of people who have same idea and willing to support it fully in order to serve the community to the fullest. In my example of HERA, the non-profit organization is composed of legal practitioners e.g. judges, lawyers and many more who have come up to legally support the students through housing programs. Other groups that could be involved in forming and supporting a non-profit organization of this caliber include the self-help support groups, clubs, graffiti cleanup groups and many more (Pakroo, 2017).         There are number of events that could be used to raise funds to support the non-profit organization. These events include anything from food festivals to a football tournament. These activities allows the supporters to come together and generate funds that support the projects of the non-profit organization. Prominent people, politicians, the wealthy and many more can be invited to make their contributions.References, P. (2017). Starting & building a nonprofit: A practical guide. Nolo.Wymer, W. W., Knowles, P. A., & Gomes, R. (2016). Nonprofit marketing: Marketing management for charitable and nongovernmental organizations. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage