The gives them information on the Trojans. The man

The Heroic Spies

One night Agamemnon thought to himself how can we get an advantage over the Trojans because he knew that Achilles was not going to fight alongside the Greeks. Agamemnon knew the next day the Trojans were going to advance forward. Agamemnon went and searched for Nestor for advice for his decision. Nestor gave a big speech to the Greeks to motivate them for the battle. Nestor’s told Agamemnon to gather the best Greek soldiers and send a spy to figure out the Trojans battle plans.

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On the same the Hector and the Trojans decided to send a spy on the Greeks to figure out the location of their army. A Trojan warrior named Dolon volunteered to be the scout. Hector told Dolon if you are successful on his mission I will give you Achilles horses. Dolon accepted Hectors offer and startes heading toward the shore.

Agamemnon gathered the best Greeks soldiers together to tell them the plan. One soldier named Diomedes volunteered with great pride. Agamemnon asked the others who wanted to join Diomedes on his journey. The other soldiers all volunteered to join him. Agamemnon told Diomedes to pick who his partner will be on his journey. Diomedes picked the great warrior Odysseus to be his partner. Odysseus and Diomedes begin their journey to spy on the Trojans.

Not long after beginning their journey Diomedes and Odysseus spot a person approaching them. Diomedes and Odysseus take cover and hide in the dead body laying on the ground. They capture and tell the man that they will let him live if he gives them information on the Trojans. The man was Dolon the Trojan spy. Dolon tells them the location of the Thracian camp and that they are sleeping. After this Diomedes takes his sword and cuts Dolon’s head off. They go to the Thracian camp and kill all of the people at the camp. Diomedes and Odysseus return back to the Greek camp with some of the best Trojan horses.

Achilles Amazing Armour

Patroclus arrived at the ship of Achilles and started to cry to him. Achilles was curious why he was crying. Patroclus told Achilles the bad news that Dimedes, Odysseus, and Agamemnon were all injured in the battle. Then Patroclus asked Achilles if he could wear his armour. Achilles told him he can wear his armour and push the Trojans back but do not go the city walls.

Patroclus gathered the armour of Achilles up and started to go toward the battle. When Patroclus first arrived at the battle the Trojan army was overpowering the Greek’s. The Trojan warriors spotted Patroclus in Achilles armour they immediately thought he was Achilles. The Greeks began to gain ground and the Trojans fall back to the trenches. Patroclus killed many Trojans and made them fall back. Patroclus knowing it was wrong did the one thing Achilles said not to do go to the city walls.

Patroclus went charging to the city walls but as Patroclus arrived he was shot in the back by the god Apollo who was on the Trojans side. A Trojan soldier stabbed Patroclus in the back with his speer. After this Hector takes the final stab on Patroclus stabbing him right in the stomach. As Patroclus lie there ready to die he tells Hector that Achilles will get revenge on you and your army.