The go outside because schools and adults want kids

       The poems that we read today not only talked about nature but talked about personal experiences.The poems used alliteration and the sound of the night uses onomatopoeia so we can have an idea on what the writer is listening to. In the poem meeting at night it uses alliteration where he or she is meeting up with someone at night and making it seem like it’s mysterious. The poem uses this to make us feel what he feels when he meets up with the person at night. The writer of the poem makes a mysterious ending but with heart warming sensation that makes him and the readers happy.The poem “there will come soft rains” uses alliteration and onomatopoeia to tells us how the frogs sound and how it feels to wake up in the morning because we as humans know and reflect on the same experiences as the poems.           In the news article there’s facts and proof on how many british find nature unnatural.In the news article there’s many points and artifacts that shows us how many people go to the park or go to a beach or to walk for at least 12 months. Children that are different races other than white don’t go outside because they lack of role models.Their children or young adolescents don’t go outside because schools and adults want kids to go out and adventure but they can’t because most children think it’s uncool so they don’t join in.The news paper persuades readers to be more environmental and experience the outside world in nature.           The poems and the news article both share some similarities. The poems all have their onomatopoeia and alliteration and personal experiences. The news article informs and persuades us to do something better for the children in britain.They both have one thing in common and that is nature, they take every aspect of nature and put in a beautiful, peaceful,and healthy living lifestyle.