The guilty conscience. In order to feel relief, he

The main character of the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor
Dostoyevsky is Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. His name comes from the Russian
word “Raskolnik”, which means “divided”. The events of the novel are presented
almost from his perspective. Raskolnikov is one of my favourites characters
from universal literature because he has a complex personality. In his soul,
there is a battle between evil and his guilty conscience. In order to feel
relief, he has to confess the truth. 

 Rodion Raskolnikov is poor, lonely,
meditative, a good soul in his fund. He dedicates himself body and soul to
reasoning. This leads him to the conclusion that he is a rare human, that he is
outside the law and above it. For Rodion, laws are made for the mediocre people
to listen to them. Napoleon is the obsession of Raskolnikov. He thinks he has
the right to do what he wants and how he wants. He’s obsessed with the idea of
power. Rodion`s individualism pushes him to the belief that he has a mission to
regenerate the world. He believes that reason is something evil. The old woman
loan shark named Alyona Ivanovna represents for Raskolnikov the tyranny, which
must be eliminated in order to liberate the others from suffering. Thinking, he
comes to the conclusion that the old lady must be killed. He needs to confirm
to himself the idea that he can do whatever he wants. He’s convinced of the
idea that he must kill for the good of humanity. Although, the calculated
details of the crime, he killed two people instead of one. Lizaveta Ivanovna
was murdered so there can be no witness. After the murder, all the things that
led to it seemed absurd. He falls into a despair of shame. In the Rodion
Raskolnikov’s soul, something strange happened after the murder: the tendency
to confess the truth. Finally, urged by his sister and Sonia, the women he was
in love with, Rodion confesses his crime. “He turns to Sonya as a fellow
transgressor of social norms, but he fails to recognize that her sin is much
different from his: while she truly sacrifices herself for the sake of others,
he essentially commits his crime for his sake alone.” (, 2018) Guilty
conscience appears here. The desire of the protagonist to confess his crime.
He’s still part of the good men, which are not possessed by the evil spirit.
Raskolnikov is sentenced to exile in Siberia, accompanied by Sonia, where he
begins his mental and spiritual rehabilitation.

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Rodion Raskolnikov is one of my favourite characters because he is the
perfect example that people can redeem even though they do terrible things like
murder for example. We don`t have the right to take someone`s life, but
sometimes our judgment can be clouded and we end up doing this terrible thing.
If that person is aware of what she or he had done and asks for forgiveness I
think we should try to give her or him a second chance even if it is so hard.
Rodion is the example that shows that with the help of God and with the help of
people that care about us, we can change the course of our life.