The hand, his rival William Wilson behaves looking superior

The narrator William Wilson and his rival whom has the same name represent human nature in different ways. The narrator represents mankind’s evil, we can say that because he is someone that likes to make jokes to others, cheat at games, trying to control other individuals. On the other hand, his rival William Wilson behaves looking superior to the narrator by appearing everytime the narrator does bad stuff so we can suppose William Wilson represents values or moral principles of human nature and society. When they initially know each other, the narrator feels something, like he met him before but he ignored that feeling, later he wants to do a prank to his rival while he sleeps, at the end of that scene he didn’t complete his prank and then he leaves the school. The fact that the narrator kind of remembers him is actually that he is seeing his own self, the one that is supposed to direct us and guide us, I think it is something in the narrator’s mind that he misses.Several years later during a party where he is cheating at cards, at this time the narrator has forgotten everything that happened before. He is drunk and someone told him that another person wants to speak with him, he was curious end goes to where that person is, what he sees is a boy who is dressing the same clothes and whispers to him “William Wilson”, the narrator got shocked and then that person leaves. Again the narrator sees his own self while he is doing something he usually does, but the fact that the boy he sees is alike to him, it shocked him and during several years he wonders about that identity.After other events, the narrator moves from city to city, but William Wilson follows him and the narrator wonders and ask himself why he cannot never see the other man’s face, also he wonders about why he is being followed. In Rome, during a masquerade the narrator hears that whisper, the narrator’s clone is wearing the same costume, he got very mad and basically kill his clone and this one tell him that he won but he killed himself.On this short story we find a double or clone who follows the original and exposes him every time he does something he is not supposed to do. People has something similar in their lives, something that guide them, something that we can’t simply ignore. That’s human nature, the fact that it doesn’t matter how we act there’s always something inside us that is our true self and we must listen to it because it is what we are.