The important weight in the GDP but proving that

The article has been viewed from author differently varies
from desk research to empirical tests in order to test the correlation between
the overall country employment and number of foreign visitors arriving annually
in Albania. This way the results will show theoretically and empirically how
strong Tourism economy is linked to almost every strategic sector of the
country giving Tourism not only a strategic and important weight in the GDP but
proving that it has a multiplier and stimulating effect on the whole Albanian
economy and especially on the welfare of Albanian citizens.

The paper is to measure the contribution of Tourism to the
economy of the country with emphasis on wellbeing of Albanians so article has a
large extension and touches different topics. Tourism is undoubted a driving
force for Albanian Economy. The fast pace growing industry which provides 19.3
per cent of the total employment and contributes more than 20 per cent on
Albanian GDP is considered strategic for the future development of the country.
Statistics provide figures that show a correlation between the number of
visitors and the number of people employed in the industry that is one of the
reasons why this industry is quickly growing.

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The main objective of the study is to understand how Tourism
development is related to employment and income generation of population in our
country. We will not make the correlation between no of tourists and number of
Tourism or Tourism satellite jobs but the number of the overall jobs in Albania
which also measures the induced potentials

The empirical test proven that the hypothesis of the study
is not fully verified. The weak correlation between the number of employees and
the number of tourist arrivals might prove that the boom of tourists has not
contributed properly to the development of the country in general. The pace of
tourist number increase should contribute to a major number of employed
directly or indirectly in Tourism sector