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The Harry Potter
franchise has gone through a number of directors. David Yates was one of the
directors that worked on a number of films within the franchise. The films have
all stayed almost true to the books as with any book to film transfer, there
tends to be plot holes and the way readers imagined it in their own minds
differs from that of a director’s mind. There is also the issue that not
everybody who watches the film has read the book. There were various issues
with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 2 however for the purpose of this essay, the focus will be on the
biggest issue. In this essay, I argue that David Yates ruined Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with
the final battle, more specifically, the fight between Lord Voldemort and Harry

Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 used CGI for a number of reasons. One
of which was the powers of  Voldemort and
the way he died, basically the entire battle. In the book, Harry’s emergence
from “death” was much more dramatic and exciting in the diegetic landscape as
opposed to how the film, aka Yates, handled this scene. Had Yates stayed true
to the book in this particular aspect then the audience wouldn’t have been
treated to Voldemort shooting black ribbons at Harry or them flying around for
what felt like forever. This then leads to the “final battle” between Voldemort
and Harry Potter. Voldemort ends up killing himself after his killing spell
backfires. Then he dies in a “spectacular” way aka not in the way that he died
in the book. In the book, Voldemort died like any other human being or wizard
would, falling to the ground, lifeless. In the film, Voldemort disintegrates into
a bunch of little pieces of what looks like paper aka dying in a way which isn’t
normal and still makes Voldemort special in a way. On top of that, no body
actually sees Voldemort die. The argument could stand that having only Harry
witness the death of Voldemort brings the story full circle as it was just Voldemort
and Harry, the first time that Voldemort tried to kill Harry. However, in the
book, everybody was witness to the demise of Voldemort and his death. This made
the death of Voldemort much more impactful as everybody was able to see the
monster that they all feared die just like any other person would. By changing
the scene when it went onto the visual medium of cinema, Yates takes away from
the themes and excitement that made the book have an impactful and fulfilling ending.

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            There were various issues with the
final film in the Harry Potter
franchise but the final battle between Voldemort and Harry should have remained
consistent with how JK Rowling had originally written it. The films and this film
in particular were major blockbusters and earned a large revenue however that
doesn’t change the fact that Yates managed to ruin the most important, impactful,
and waited for scene in the entire franchise. This film, more specifically this
scene, should be included in the list of evidence as to why novels shouldn’t be
made into films unless the directors manage to keep the important and impactful
themes that make a novel a fantastic read.