The is essential as this can affect anyone regardless

The purpose
of this essay is to reflect on issues around depression and anxiety in
teenagers living in Nottingham city. Evidence shows that mental health disorder
is a very big issue and it is essential as this can affect anyone regardless of
the age, gender, colours or ethnicity. According to the National Institute for
Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2013) anxiety in teenagers living in the UK
has been reported as the most common mental health disorder and other studies
have also shown that teenagers with anxiety are more luckily to suffer from
additional mental health condition, like depression or have substance abuse
issue, so early intervention is key.


However, this essay will focus more
on depression and anxiety in teenagers living in Nottingham city but
specifically on Bilborough as focusing on a specific area effect on health
helps to understand the determinants measures, levels of risk of the most
deprived in a local area compared to other area and to consider which factor
should be prioritised to mental health within the wider Joint Strategic Needs
Assessment process. This essay is linked to sustainability as the key
point of this module and it will examine mental health in general and more
specifically in teenagers living in Nottingham city including the variety
ranging from mental wellbeing to severe and persistent mental disorders in
teenagers that cause significant and interfere with the relationship and daily
functioning. The essay looks at issues around depreciation in relation to
Nottingham economy and it will focus on the higher priority regarding their
age, environment, and specific life condition including their race, gender
within the city of Nottingham and in relation to disability data. This report
will examine and evaluate the social capital of the community in terms of life
chances and opportunities. The report is going to consider social exclusion for
people with mental health within the community in terms of education and
mortality rates.

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This essay will look at the balance of diversity
culture in terms of values looking at what other cultures celebrate and what
needs improvement.  Then it will make conclusion about outcome then
evaluate and make recommendations if needed

This essay will compare areas such Nottingham city to
Bilborough area in relation to issues around teenagers affected by mental
health issues. Statically, researchers said that teenagers living in Bilborough
area are more likely stressed due to peer pressure associated with more
challenging economic and school or local environment. However, teenagers with
lower expectation in bilborough area among those of more disadvantaged social
background are possibly less stressed.

The main goal of the report is to address the
stability of depression and anxiety across teenagers living in Nottingham
including the preventative measures and treatment and what does the local
council and the government are doing to tackle the issue.



It will also look at the challenges
of depression and anxiety in teenagers within the community and the barriers to
accesses facilities including what the stockholders and Nottingham city are up
to prevent the early detection for those going through mental health issues.
The essay will identify rates of health risks behaviours among teenagers
affected by depression and anxiety such as nervousness, irritability, and
problems of sleeping and concentrating.  However, various study
finds Depression and anxiety disorders different, tough both
disorders have similar symptoms, but each disorder has its own causes
and its own emotional and behavioural symptoms. Mental health problems of
teenagers vary in their nature and severity and it affects how people feel,
think and act.

Young Minds (2006) maintained that
there are factors that affect mental health including family history or mental
problem, life experiences like an individual being abused or traumatised and
the biological issues such as brain chemistry and genes. However, Statistics
from a survey approved by the Department for education (2016) account that
depression and anxiety have increased among teenage girls by 37% since a research
(2005) in England, with more than a third recording symptom of distress while
the rate is stable between teenage boys, 15% had fallen slightly.
Researchers revealed that teenagers living in single-parent households in
Nottingham city or with stepfamilies, and those with a long-standing illness or
disability including poor sleeping affecting their education.

Bilborough area has the city wards of Aspley, Wollaton, Lee valley connected to
its boundaries and situated on the way to the North -West of Nottingham city
and closed to M1 motorway according to the National Statistics and Nottingham
city Council report (2001-2004). Matt Jaram (2017) maintained that Nottingham
is one of the least congested town in the United Kingdom however fails on
pollution. Nevertheless, clean hair is essential for health and wellbeing of
the population.

Hence, looking at the balance of
diversity culture in terms of values compared to what other cultures celebrate
and what needs improvement, the 2001 census revealed that the population of bilborough
community is less ethnically
diverse compared to Nottigham city with 10.4 % of residents being
non-white British ethnic group different from 18.9 % in the city of Nottingham.

Office for National Statistics (2011) shows
that Bilborough ward has lower standard of home ownership and mainly with
semi-detached type of housing with the average level of 39% of social housing
contrasted with 18% of the national overall. 
The nation Data (2011) shows that 65% to 80 % of the residents living in
Bilborough are overweight and diabetics, 78% of female live longer compared to
males with 74%, and 46.35 % are Christian tough 5.40% of the community in
Bilborough ward comprises of faith rather than Christianity.

clearest example of health
inequality for people living in Nottingham city is in life expectancy
which varies with the most deprived areas living up to ten years less compared
to those living in the most affluent communities. For instance, our life
expectancy remains lower than the National average life expectancy at 75.7 %
for men and 80 % against 78% and 82.6 nationally.  However, there is a link to tackle
inequalities between high level of deprivation of teenagers with depression and
anxiety living in Nottingham city and the poor health outcomes though it still
a challenge. Second,
extensive research reviewed that the relation between deprivation and
depression and anxiety is deprivation and inequality is associated with poor
life in addition with mental health, the prevalence of the psychotic disorder
among the poorest is nine-time higher than in the richest.

 For instance, teenagers who live in the
deprived city of Nottingham are more likely to need support from mental health
care but less luckily to access support and to improve treatment.
Data shows that, Nottingham city has high rates of depression and anxiety in
teenagers compared to the National average and this can be due to health
inequalities among areas in Nottingham city in relation to deprivation and
poverty. Despite these health problems are reflected across Nottingham town
though some health problems are the most prevalent in certain areas and local.


to local community needs, bilborough community offers different activities such
as social groups, clubs, covering health including fitness which makes
teenagers engage and build their self- esteem and many other different interest
like drama and dance, craft and arts and much more. Despite that the health
profile in Bilborough   present a
positive view of good choice of facilities, the image of general health for the
community is still bad in terms of long term illness and impairment which is
significantly higher than the national figure.

The Public Health England (2017)
under Mental Health and Wellbeing JSNA, prior local authorities and
multi-agencies are working together to meet a range of needs in the Nottingham
local areas, encourage teenagers with depression and anxiety to
live healthier life by doing physical activities, having more time to sleep,
sharing problems with family and friend which can reduce the rate of depression
and anxiety in teenagers. The stockholders are targeting the most vulnerable teenagers suffering with
depression and anxiety in Bilborough and other local areas by providing an
overview of the mental health care, especially providing more information and
knowledge of mental health and wellbeing.


 Mental and wellbeing health programme
in partnership with other stockholders are also working together meet a range of needs in the
Nottingham local areas while targeting the most vulnerable by providing an
overview of the mental health care, especially providing more information and
knowledge of mental health and wellbeing and offering more
support to the community of teenagers to improve the mental wellbeing and the
health and wellbeing lifestyle in the community.

The additional attention of anticipation of depression
and anxiety disorder in teenagers and any other form of mental health issue
will necessitate local achievement. The local authorities should
strengthen the link between mental health services and other stakeholders, working
in partnership with, primary care, 3rd sectors, educational institution, and
local facilities such as the education sector working with health and
wellbeing boards.

Providing more support such as investing resources
schools, in the community by creating freer activities as this could make
teenagers who are depressed feel empowered by helping each other with peers.
Local analyses will be able to draw upon additional local data and these should
be reflected in Local teenagers with depression and anxiety transformation

 The local authorities have put resources in
place to support teenagers with depression and anxiety to be able to share
their problems with their families or friends regarding their emotions, as it
is always the case that a problem shared is a problem resolved, though that is
not enough, to tackle depression and anxiety in relation to mental health
issues affecting teenagers.


In conclusion, depression and anxiety disorder in
teenagers confers a strong risk and it may be preceded by anxiety and
depression in adolescence. The government should consider depression and
anxiety disorder in teenagers as a priority as the two disorders are some of
the most common psychiatric conditions afflicting teenagers, additionally, the
early intervention is needed as this can have a lasting impact.