The it became very popular in Europe.The Waltz was

The Ballroom dance The Waltz Women  wearing ball gowns and Men wearing suits with both genders coming one by one to dance slowly and beautifully. Come and see how the old Vienna slow Waltz became one of the most popular ballroom dances around the world.The Waltz is a ballroom dance that is a ¾ beat (what that means)the ¾ beat means you take three steps forming a box start at a different side and repeat it’s the basic ballroom dance pattern. Miss Woodhouse and Miss Fairfax were the only Women who performed at all.Where and when was the Waltz created? The Waltz was created from folk dances in Austria and Germany in around the Mid 18th century Waltzes became very popular in Vienna about the early 19th century then it became very popular in Europe.The Waltz was born in the farm town known as the suburbs of Vienna (Vienna is the Capital of Austria) Austria is a German speaking country. The Waltz is a ¾ step ballroom dance it can be the slow waltz or a up beat waltz.     Types of steps for the waltz     The box step has 6 steps two people either move forward and backward forming a square or a box the mens part the men steps backwards and moves right to left slowly and forms the bottom half of the square  while the women’s half take a step forward moves  left to right and forms the other side of the box. The Outfits Women wore flowy dresses and Men wore 1920s tux  which has a mini flap to go behind you What Did People Think Of The Waltz?The ballroom dance the waltz got criticized because men and women were dancing closely together. Religious leaders regarded as a overdone,wicked and bad dance.    Comparison The Tango The Tango is a 4/4 beat which is taking 4 steps and repeat. It influences african, native american and european culture. The candombe ceremonies of former slave peoples helped shape the modern day tango.The waltzThe waltz is a ¾ beat which means take 3 steps and repeat. The dance performed by couples in triple time. It came in the 19th century by vienna,austria from south-german folk dances.Both They’re both ballroom dances. They both use a musical instrument as music which includes for both of them a human voice. They might not wear the same kind but both wear nice dresses and a kind of suit.The History Of The WaltzIt started in the 19th century in vienna the viennese waltzGot to other places in europe after timeAnd came down to us and now we have the waltz we know today slow or jazzerier instead of just one