The law must be the law that governs men,

The 9/11 hijackers have been
described as sociopathic crazy men. Bin Laden has also been described in the
same manner however, the available psychological investigations shows totally
different aspects. Terrorists are neither crazy nor sociopaths, contrary to
popular belief, however active terrorist are not willing to volunteer for
scientific research. Terrorist are involved in criminal activity and are sought
after by law enforcement agents and military. Moreover, it would be extremely
dangerous for researchers to conduct this type research. Terrorists that have
been arrested and jailed have provided some access for researchers; however,
jailed terrorists often have no desire to participate in research. Those that
do participate do not provide a large enough test group to provide adequate
scientific data. Bin
Laden was consistent and clearly stated the purpose, as well as the actions,
behind his attacks on America. His political goals were well defined “slowly
building on each other, repeating long-established themes, that took into
account recent world events and U.S. action.”184 It is important to listen to
these goals and the objectives defined by al-Qaeda in order to effectively
undermine them. it is important to remember that when discussing the politics
of al-Qaeda, religion cannot be excluded. Religion and politics are interwoven
into al-Qaeda’s ideology, as it is throughout the Muslim world. Al-Qaeda
adheres to the Salafist school of thought that believes God’s law must be the
law that governs men, not laws and governments created by men. Since 9/11, the
talk of al-Qaeda has revolved around the leader Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was
the face of al-Qaeda and the central figure that united the organization.
However, the religious and political ideology of the organization existed long
before bin Laden created al-Qaeda. The goal of al-Qaeda is to restore Islam to
the greatness that it had once achieved or the period of Islam known as the
golden age. During the seventh and eighth centuries, the Islamic empire
stretched from southern Spain across North Africa all the way to India. The
answer to the problems of the Muslim world for the Salafists was that Muslims

once again needed
to be ruled
by God’s law like the Prophet Mohammed had and during the time of the Golden
Age of Islam, when God’s law was the only law.

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