The life expectancies from birth in spite of the

article “Spotlight of Singapore” was commissioned to examine two key

Healthcare in Singapore is so successful while the country spends only
a fraction of GDP for it.

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How to handle the
changes in HR in public sector?

senior government officials were interviewed, in which they gave their opinion
being on the side of the government regarding this. One of them was Goh Aik Guan, Managing Director of
Singapore’s MOH Holdings (MOHH), the
holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare institutions, who gave his opinion
regarding healthcare with low cost and the other person is Rupert Gwee recently retired as a senior officer in the Singapore
armed forces, current Director of HR Transformation for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), who
gave his opinion regarding the changes in HR in public sector.

Aik Guan says that the main reason for their healthcare policies to look so
effective is because of the low infant mortality rate and high life expectancies from birth in spite
of the cost incurred on healthcare being low. He mentioned the policies
provided by the government to spare money and minimize the cost, which included
Central Provident Fund, subsidies, national insurance plan, mandatory savings
by individuals etc.

keep track on patients, the government introduced National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). He also mentioned the
difficulties faced by them regarding data sets,
standards, different workflows, legacy systems, and so on.

all the aspects Guan felt that implementing these strategies in other countries
might be challenging.

Gwee says that to handle the change in HR in public sector, the size of the
problem should be determined and the HR or Admin should act accordingly which
will bring out efficiency in the team. He also feels that HR and Admin are

to Gwee the challenges to HR are:

The time consumed
to complete an HR project, which involves
more risk.

The people
involved in the project maybe inexperienced.

Change management
becomes difficult when bringing people together.

his opinion adapting new ideas into the new environment which increases the HR