The looked beautiful since it related to spring. She

The story is based on the year
nineteenth century in the house of the Mallard family it should be noted that
there is no more specification about the location of the story.

The author describes Mrs. Mallard as
an unhappy woman who lived a prisoner in her own home who sometimes did not
love her husband and sometimes did, but often not.

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Mrs. Mallard was a person with a
heart disease that any news would lead to his death is why when she learned
that she had a heart disease did not show much sadness or perhaps much joy.
When she learned that her husband had died in a train accident, she started to
cry and felt very sad since she was in front of several people around. However,
when she said she wanted to go to her room because she felt tired, it was at
that precise moment that she looked towards the mirror and noticed that
everything around it looked beautiful since it related to spring. She started
to scream “FREE FREE FREE” because she thought that she becomes another person.
All this happened in the spring season, Mrs. Louise Mallard was a young girl
who liked independence but being married that was impossible because at that
time women were only housewives and served their husbands in their needs That’s
why when she received the news that her husband had died in a train accident
she did not feel much pain, because she thought that she had achieved her


In those times the woman was the
husband’s property, if the woman was the only child and she was not married it
was the father’s property and if she did not have a father it was the property
of a man belonging to her family.

Everyone said that she did not feel
sorry for what happened, but the truth is that she felt in a way imprisoned
because at that time little else was your husband’s property, that is, they saw
you as an object and not as a person you were. It can be inferred that she felt
an independent woman and above all that she was not owned by anyone.

Do not forget that she had heart
problems and that any news could affect her health. On the other hand, her
husband always loved her and when she found out about her problem, she always
wanted to help her in the best way possible.

While his Mrs. Mallard was in his
room drinking someone opened the door and it was none other than Mr. Brently
Mallard who arrived a bit tired from his trip wearing his tight jacket and his
umbrella, it should be noted that he was far from the accident and is, but I
did not know there was one. On the other hand, everyone was distressed by the
surprise arrival of Mr. Brently, the sister of Mrs. Mallard, who was Josephine
shouted of surprise, Mr. Brently’s friend, who was Richards had a quick move to
protect the sight of his wife, However, when he entered his wife’s room, she
was so surprised that she vanished to the ground and died of shock. Mr.
Richards could not do anything since Mrs. Mallard had heart problems she died
of the shock of seeing her husband enter the house thinking that he had died in
the train accident.

We can say that Mrs. Mallard was an oppressed
woman and it should be noted that given the time (nineteenth century) we can
infer that there was little doubt that Mrs. Mallard was trapped in her marriage
and that she was unable to separate from her husband because she was unhappy
apart would have been condemned by the society of the time. In that respect
Mrs. Mallard was not a cold or inhuman woman.