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The roaring twenties were some of the best and also worst times in American History. What are the things that impacted America the most during the roaring twenties? How much fashion changed, how much crime rates increased and the music impacts the history of the U.S the most. The 1920s was the first time to have a nickname which is the “roaring twenties”. The roaring twenties was an age that people were living their best lives. During this decade people starting dressing differently, listening to different music, and rejected many traditional morals. The “roaring twenties” was also known as the “jazz age” due to people starting to listen to jazz music more and more frequently. This era is known as a less-inhibited lifestyle that many people enjoyed. The “roaring twenties” also led to some bad things like more crimes. Also, it ended up leading to the stock market crash, which went into the Great Depression Fashion changed in multiple ways from people wearing different shoes, different clothes, and different hairstyles. Also, there were very many big crime incidents in the twenties. An example of a big crime is the wall street bombing and the Black Sox Scandal. So what in the roaring twenties impacted America the most? Fashion and Crime rates impacted America the most. People were making fashion statements all throughout the twenties and it changed how people dress to this day. Fashion in the twenties impacted America very much. For example The Flapper, “The flapper crazed popularized a look of straight, knee-length dresses and chest diminishing sleeveless top and cropped hair.” Women got rid of their old fashion clothes like corsets and switched to more lightweight clothing and undergarments like silk and rayon. They also for the first time uncovered their knees for the first time. As for men they stopped wearing suits and ties all the time and switched it up to more athletic clothing and more casual styles as they were getting into sports more and more. Men started to wear V-necks or sleeveless shirts. Men also started wearing the fedora hat, which is a felt hat with an indention in the top of the hat. They also started wear handkerchiefs and scarves with more fancy outfits for going out. Women’s hairstyles changed fast from long long hair to short at the beginning of the world war 1. It was more common for the younger women to have a “bobbed” hairstyle which changed gender expectations because it was only known for men to have short hair. The more simple ways of clothing made it a lot easier for the men and women to move around especially with sports becoming more popular around this time. Women were going for more “exotic” clothing because after the war they had more freedom to dress how they would like. People starting wearing many different types of shoes. Shoes with straps, shoes with cuts and colors and many more different types. The way the women did their makeup also changes. They wanted a pale face with red cheeks and thin, shaped eyebrows. Putting on a face powder or a lipstick was known as “classy”. So as you see fashion in the “roaring twenties” changed how we dress to this day. The crime during the twenties also made a big impact in America.The crime rates in the twenties increased by 24%.  One of the big crimes during this era is the “Black Sox Scandal”. This was just entering the twenties but it was January 1920, there were rumors flying around that the world series baseball championship between Cincinnati and Chicago had been manipulated.  Everyone expected Chicago to win, they were a favorite team at the time and they were very popular.  This scandal attracted the public eye in around September of 1920 when 2 players admitted to rigging the way the games outcomes came out. The manipulation was helped by a mafia leader by the name of Arnold Rothstein, also with Joseph Sullivan and Bill Maharg. The Black Sox Trial ended on August 2nd, 1921. Another big crime was the Wall Street bombing. The wall street bombing happened at 12:01 pm in Manhattan, New York. A bomb on a horse-drawn cart went off. This bombing killed 38 people and wounded from 150-400 people. The bombing killed 30 people immediately and later 8 more died. This is one of the most destructive unsolved crimes still to this day. 100 pounds of dynamite blew up out of the wagon with an insanely loud sound along with it so people heard from everywhere in the town. Some people were quoted saying it was the loudest noise they have ever heard in their life. The bomb even knocked out a car that was one block over. People that were close to the wagon at the time either died from the flames or the metal that was flying everywhere from the dynamite. Glass from cars and houses covered every inch of the streets. 2,000 police and nurses were at the scene of the bombing. J.P. Morgan Jr. stated that the bombing was toward anyone, in particular, it was just out of spite and purely a terrorist attack against the public people. The music in the twenties is very significant to how our music developed in this time. The music started to become more modern. This whole era was known as “the jazz age’ because of the music that was becoming more and more popular. Nothing like this had ever happened before but Jazz kept growing and people were loving every second of it.”the Jazz Age was also a golden era for spectator sports,, new heroes, and the cinema.” Jazz was even introduced to people in the most remote areas that you would not guess. There were many dance bands,  there were private clubs, dance clubs, jazz clubs, and roadhouses that people gathered at to listen to new music on a daily basis. Dance halls, clubs and tea rooms opened in the city for the public as well. Some popular Jazz artist is Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. Blues music was also very popular in some of the very southern states as well in this era. Some popular Blues artist is, Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith. Some popular songs during this time are, “Swanee” by Al Jolson, popular song is “True Blue Lou” by Annette Hanshaw, “Prohibition blues” by Nora Bayes and “You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet” by Al Jolson The twenties was an era full of amazing and fun times that changed how we see things in the 21st century, but it also it had its bad times. So, in conclusion, the fashion impacted the U.S. by changing how males and females dressed as well as their hairstyles, accessories, and shoes. Also from the crime that increased by 24% which was due to many crimes that were committed, for example, the Black Sox scandal and the mysterious unsolved bombing of wall street in Manhattan, New York. Lastly how the music changed from old school to a more modern style of so-called dance music, like jazz and blues. So, What are the things that impacted America the most during the roaring twenties? How much fashion changed, how much crime rates increased and the music impacts the history of the U.S the most.