The of reasons. The causes of deforestation include agriculture

The deforestation of rainforest was started
for a number of reasons. The causes of deforestation include agriculture that
has been the main occupation
sector of people all over the world. Nowadays, traditional farming systems and processes have been manipulated
into primitive farming method due to modern technology without acknowledge the
consequences that may develop. Farmers that have been carried out the ‘Slash and Burn Technique’
involves cleared the forest by cutting the trees to grow crops and the
remaining vegetation was burned in order to convert it to agricultural land,
mainly for their own profits. Other
than that, commercial farming addresses the ability of agriculture to
support growing demand for food. That is to say subsistence agriculture is
farming for food while commercial agriculture is farming to provide a farmer
with food and money. For example, due to the growing international demand for
soya beans, an unfavorable action has been taken in order to fulfill the soya
beans market.