The of the road as well. I live in

The purpose of this windshield survey is to gain
knowledge of my community by completing an assessment of the community
environment in order to recognize community lifestyle, health issues, health
resources, and physical environments. The purpose of this paper is to complete
a windshield survey of City of Utica located in Macomb County, Michigan.  

started my windshield survey by driving north of hall rd to a Utica
downtown.  It was around 5 PM, and I can
hear heavy traffic on all directions at the junction of M 59 and Van Dyke
rd.  When I stopped at the intersection,
I could smell other cars exhaust when it was -21 C° because it seems like in
winter, exhaust and muffler can be damaged by large potholes and ice chunks.  I saw few people at the bus stop waiting for
their bus transportation, people filling up fuel at the gas station, city
cleaning crew plowing the snow and putting salts on the road, couple jogging on
the side pavement, people driving their car with a cup of hot beverage in their
to stay warm, and I could also see construction crew working on the side of the
road as well. 

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live in the City of Utica, Michigan. 
Utica shares its geographical boundaries with Sterling Heights on the
south and Shelby Charter Township on the north. 
The Community was referred as “Hog’s Hollow” in the past but now known
as “Utica”.  City of Utica’s land area is
1.78 square miles.  Utica has
transportation services such as cards, bus, taxi, and three Amtrak stations
located within 14 miles radius that serves people living in the City of
Utica.  Utica road is an important
diagonal connector that crisscrosses the city to northwest, going through the
intersection of Sterling Heights city hall, and all the way to the 12 mile and
Groesbeck rd.  Current population of City
of Utica is 4,757 of which 90% are Caucasians, 3% Hispanics, 3% Asians, 2%
African Americans, 1.5% other races, and 0.5% American Indians.  You will find apartments, town homes,
condominiums, one level houses to three level houses, and senior housing.  You may find housing build from 1866-67
(William Upton house) to 2018 with an average household size of two.  You will also find vacant lots for sale with
reduced price because no one is willing to buy it in this economy.  Road conditions are not bad as some other
cities although you will see potholes and construction orange barrels.  M-59 phase I construction just completed last
year, and phase II of construction is scheduled to begin in Early Spring of
2018. People drive all types of cars including sedan, coupe, SUVs, trucks, and
minivans from older models to the latest models.  SMART bus provides public transportation to
the public.  There are government
agencies located in the city of Utica such as Michigan Health Department,
Secretary of State Offices, Michigan Works Association, and Social Security
Administration office.  There are many
local grocery stores such as GFS marketplace, Meijer, and Wal-Mart.  City of Utica also has local pharmacy such as
Sam’s club, Costco, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, and Utica pharmacy.  There is a busy Laundromat located on just
North of M-59 and Mound rd.  City of
Utica has few public parks and pleasant walking paths, which people love to
enjoy in summer time.   Utica has a high
rate of violent and property crime compared to other place of similar
population size.  I also learned that
Utica has one of the highest crime rates in America with a crime rate of 42 per
one thousands residents.  Personally,
sometimes I do not feel safe walking around the community.  I usually come home late after work, and I
have seen people wondering around at night. 
There is no airport nearby so you will not hear sound of airplanes,
although, I have heard the helicopter flying overhead out of Selfridge Air
National Guard Base located in Harrison Township which is eight miles east of
Utica.  Utica community is not as cleaned
as other communities.  For example, one
day garbage disposal truck did not come for pick-ups and people living in my community
started throwing garbage outside the dumpster, and later it started to smell
bad because it must have leaked out of begs. 

all the good vs. bad comparison of this community, I have been living here for
15 years and I would say I am very pleasant to be part of this community.  Every community has its strengths and
weaknesses.  Utica community’s strengths
are job incensement in past 5 years, cost of living lower than the U.S.
average, small population town, and also offer easy commute to major interstate
highways.  I believe Utica community’s
weakness is increased criminal acts. There were 3,715 crimes per 100K people
recorded in Utica community.