The of women oppression and feminism. The story shows

The short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte
Perkins Gilman, explain the condition of women in American society in 19th
Century. The story basically explores the condition of women suppression,
gender emotional violence, and discrimination in between male and female in
19th Century. In the feminist point of view, Charlotte Perkins Gilman raises
the actual voice of women oppression and feminism. The story shows the clear
theme of how a husband and society treated about the wife or woman who is
suffering from the postpartum depression. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the turn of
20th century was a unique time for women. Feminism was beginning to question
about the traditional roles of wife and mother. This was also the time period,
that saw the prevalence of the ”rest cure” adopted by Dr. W Mitchell and many
other practitioners of mental wellness in the treatment of hysteria. The
blanket turn used to cover the depression and other mental issues in women
consisted of rest limited mental stimulation and suppression of creating 

Feminist writer Charlotte Perkins
Gilman used imagery in symbolism along with her own experience to inspire her
masterpieces in the ” The Yellow Wallpaper” and bring to the light of the
subjugation of women in the home and benevolent dismissal of the women’s mental
health by the medical establishment. Gilman was raised by the single mother.
Her family was impoverished and often relied on extended family for aid this
influenced. Gilman, to believe that women should be able to support themselves
but unfortunately the time period offered many obstacles to women seeking
economic independence. Gilman herself suffered from the postpartum depression
and was resistant to the ”rest cure”. she eventually divorced her husband and
she moved to California and then, later on, sent her young daughter back to her
assessment to raised. She was unable to embrace the traditional role of wife
and mother. She realized her true calling and became a writer and a speaker for
a women’s reform.

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Her significant works included her land. “The Yellow
Wallpaper”, however, has been considered the Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s
masterpieces. The story tells the narrator, who is suffering from the
postpartum depression. Her husband John, who himself as a very talented, and
famous Physician but he always ignore to listen to his own wife thought and he
never believed that she is truly ill.

             Jane, the Gilman’s narrator is cautious and
hides her true self but she is honest in her writing in her journal from the
strange house. She and her husband John have rented for the summer. Her spouse
laughs at her and helpless in the face of his patronizing and paternalistic
attitude. John is gently domineering and stiffing. He limits his wife contact
with other and forbids her to work, which for Jane is writing so in secret.
Today, this action would be considered as an emotional abuse. However the time,
it was considered to be the spouse than the husband’s wife over a spouse. The
narrator redirects her unhappiness into a preoccupation with the house
particularly the wallpaper of the nursery, that she stays in certain attributes
of the nursery seem to reflect. The narrator’s madness is illustrated by her
relationship with the yellow wallpaper in her bedroom’s wall. The yellow wallpaper,
actually becomes an adversary and the object of Jane’s feeling of anger,
regarding on her circumstances that she begins to see a hidden pattern which
eventually reveals itself to be a woman to break free from imprisonment. Its
important note is that the more, Jane is represented by her husband the more
the yellow wallpaper appears.

The story illustrates to fact that
Jane considered suicide but she rejects it and it’s important to note that this
is a very subtle illusion. “The Yellow Wallpaper” symbolized Jane’s
subjugation by John and his restrictions. The creeping woman is eventually
revealed to Jane herself as her condition deteriorates her struggle to release
the woman become her own struggle for freedom but she is unable to free for
herself and no longer recognizes herself as Jane.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman exposed, how
the ideas of traditional marriage role were debilitating to some woman and she
also exposed the incontinence of the medical establishment regarding mental and
what mental illness especially in women. The Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s unique
experiences gave her a very powerful voice with which to forward her agenda.