The or correlated relative volatility, and can be referred

The main objective of undergoing this project work
was to understand
the organization and take up an in depth study of an issue/ problem in the area
of specialization. This project has two parts one is corporate exposure India Infoline Ltd
and another comparison of Sensex with various sector indices.

First part of the project describes
about India Infoline. India Infoline is in the Equity research and Brokerage
industry since 1995. It is well established and well diversified products and
services line as well as has spread its operations all over India and abroad
also. It has a well diversified financial services portfolio which consists of
Security trading, Brokerage business, Insurance, Mutual Fund and Commodities
broking. Its products profile includes Equities, PMS, Commodities, Mortgages,
Home loans, Personal loans, IPOs, Insurance Mutual Funds etc. In simple words
India Infoline is “one stop shop” for financial services. It has well
experienced and committed employees who always set goals to be achieved and
work in team to achieve them.

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Since inception India Infoline has grown to a
greater extent and it has a bright future as well. Both Indian economy and
Indian Securities market are still developing and are on the growth path, it opens
the greater opportunities to the company to spread its wings.    

Second Part of the Project describes
about Comparative study on Risk & Return  
in Indian Stock Market undertaken in India Infoline ltd. The project
issue was selected and the study was carried out with an objective of making
efficient buying and selling decisions in stock market. A study was conducted
to understand whether comparison can guide for making efficient investment

BETA  is also referred to as financial elasticity or correlated relative volatility, and can be referred to as a measure of the sensitivity
of the asset’s returns to market returns, its non-diversifiable risk, its
systematic risk, or market risk. On an
individual asset level, measuring beta can give clues to volatility and liquidity in the

      ALPHA The alpha of an asset provides a
measure that indicates whether the asset has earned greater or lower returns
than those expected from it, based on the risk involved in investing in it.