The punishment. Based on study findings here are few

The lessons learnt from the incident are: good and effective supervision is needed, child must not be abused persistently, the genuine demands of the child be met, and check on child’s society is must.  In order to avoid the incident to take place in future the major improvements suggested include: upbringing of the child be based on provision of good education, proper and systematic guidance, home supervision in a good and conflict free atmosphere, attitude though strict but free of physical punishment.

Based on study findings here are few key recommendation to address the issue properly. The recommendation are not only for planners and policy makers at the government level only but also for the voluntary organizations, civil society, NGOs, welfare organizations, law enforcement agencies, the most close personalities (parents, teachers, friends) to play their role and fulfil their responsibilities. All these sections of the population are being motivated to contribute in tackling the issue properly.

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·         A culture of love should be promoted at homes as well as at schools. A harsh behaviour from parents and teachers towards the child both at home and school based on false assessment of the child’s problem(s) be abandoned to streamline the child in the day to day life, otherwise the imbalance in his/her life activities will expose his/her personality and the incident of runaway is expected.

·         The harsh attitude in terms of verbal abuse could be accommodated by the children in some cases, but physical abuse in form of beating, locking up in room, stopping from the food etc. will further scare the child and force him/her to take extreme step of running away from homes. Therefore, implication of any sort of torture for guiding the child needs to be stopped wherever in practice.

·         The supervision of the family needs to be assessed and the problem ensuing in the result be reviewed and concrete steps be taken at home level by the parents. The important dimensions of knowing the weaknesses of the child, taking care of the child’s needs, providing child friendly educational environment, check on the friends circle of the child, provision of conflict free home atmosphere and most importantly proper guidance be on priority concerning the supervision responsibility of the parents/guardians which can help in eliminating the chances of runaway of a child.

·         The teaching methods need to be modified as per the interest of the child lowering the intensity of boredom, fear of punishment and more importantly to accommodate extracurricular activities. Teachers need to promote friendly atmosphere at schools.

·         Government should ensure strict monitoring on schools, especially of our rural areas in terms of education performance, attitude of teachers with students, teaching methods. Facilities ate the school should be provided at the priority basis so that the children receive education without any difficulty.

·         Steps should be taken to raise awareness among parents and other agents of socialization on effective mechanism of handling and supervising the family. Campaigns needs to launched through print, broadcasting and telecasting media enabling the heads of the families to safeguard the future of their children. In addition to such awareness promotion campaigns a series of sessions with parents/guardians and teachers to mobilize the civil society at district level to address the issue properly.

·         Co-curricular activities need to be promoted at village level so that children could engage them in productive leisure activities. The interests of the children related to contribute a lot in shaping up the child’s life. Such type of intervention will divert the child attention o from activities having negative impact on their lives.

·         While looking at prevailing country situation in which children are being attracted by the antisocial agents like terrorist , extremists, it is recommended to establish institutions like Child protection bureaus in other cities where they are missing. So that children can seek accommodation. Learning facilities should be enhanced at these centres so that the frequency of such type of incidents could be minimised.

·         Government should take necessary steps in developing the rural areas of Punjab so that a feeling of deprivation could be avoided in the mind of children.