The ripple effect into the world. 6We spend so

message of this epistle is to communicate the lack of compassion in the world,
lack of faith,

general dislike of each other and need for patience, love, and forgiveness. My
name is

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Marino. I am a 2 time Pulitzer prize winning author for my book, “What is going
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Today?” I graduated top of my class from Stanford University with a PhD in

well as a Master’s Degree in theology and philosophy. I’ve written several
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as, “Through the Eyes of Another.” I hope to get across to humanity the need
for us to unite

have faith once again. This book is addressed to people of all ages, color,
religion, and


The Sadness of the

was sitting in the mall, watching as people walk to and from. 2Everyone
glued to a phone,

pushing and rushing through, and a general unawareness of the world around
them. 3At

point, a woman’s bag broke from the bottom and I was left in awe at the amount
of people

walked by without even a glance. 4It’s simple acts of compassion and
awareness that we lack in the world. 5A simple act of kindness can
cause a ripple effect into the world. 6We spend so

time rushing around and looking at our phones that we forget the beauty around
us. 7The

laughing in the carousel. 8Parent’s enjoying their children’s time,
even people just sitting and talking. 9Be afraid of a world where
technology replaces all interaction. 10Take time to love.

each other’s beliefs, whether you may have your own. 12Our lives are
meaningless to the world, the world owes us nothing. 13It is up to
all of us to give the world out best selves every day and do something so great
for yourself first before you can try to help your fellow man. 14Happiness
can be found in even the darkest of times, if one remembers to have faith. 15Faith
is all we have left when all else fails. 16Behind you is infinite power. 17Before you is endless
possibility, around you is boundless opportunity. 18Let life
flow through you. 19Live each moment as it were your last. 20Take
risks and trust in the better of people. 21There is so much violence
and hate in this world and it shall be the downfall of mankind. 22In
the end, we die as equals so live without judgement or greed.

Take Life Slow, Child

stay young as life will pass by soon enough. 2Don’t be so eager to
grow as when that day

you’ll wish you could go back. 3Enjoy the moments when we believe in
the best of people.

innocence that slowly fades through time. 5Don’t let technology to
keep you away from the

wonders of life. 6Appreciate nature, and the beautiful days we have.
7Appreciate the rainy

to splash around. 8Come out from behind that phone and live! 9Enjoy
dancing and singing or

your heart desires. 10Don’t allow the false advertisement of what is
beautiful or

to make you think you are any less, as those are subjective. 11When
a person decides to be themselves they offer something no else can be. 12Be
you and do not be afraid of what other’s may think. 13Don’t let the
world pressure you into things you may not be ready for. 14Girls,
protect that which you only have once. 15Don’t be so eager to give
it away to anyone who asks. 16Believe that you are worth waiting
for. 17Respect yourselves and know that sometimes less is more. 18I guess more than anything else, what I’d like to say
to all the teenagers is to focus on something besides the sex. 19You’ll
be happy you did when you’re older. 20If you spend more time and
energy on yourself, and your own experiences as who you are on the inside
you’ll eventually be much better prepared to be someone’s partner and spouse
when you’re emotionally and physically ready to make that type of commitment in
life. 21I’ve been through a lot in my own life, and I’ve made
my share of mistakes. 22But I’ve learned from them and hopefully
changed for the better. 23But I wish someone had given me the same
advice I’m trying to give you. 24So, take it to heart.

Take Time, Teach, and Lead

3Parent’s, as you well know, children are the best blessing
the God can offer you. 2A small person, who looks at you with awe
from their first breath. 3You are their hero, you will shape them
for the rest of the world. 4Spend time with them as they grow, be
their guide through the difficulty of the world today. 5I know we’re busy but that small
“Not right now,” can shatter a child. 6Take time out of your day and
just be a kid with them. 7It can do wonders for a child’s
confidence. 8Guide them through the faith in this ugly world. 9Teach
them that Christmas isn’t just about gifts, but rather the birth of a savior. 10Teach
them faith by showing yours. 11Take them away from technology and
teach them to appreciate the small things, and we may learn something from
them. 12Don’t coddle them, prepare them, life is unfair sometimes. 13Your child will get hurt. 14Your
child will be treated unfairly. 15Your child will struggle. 16I
know it hurts even just thinking about it. 17As much we all want to,
we cannot protect him from every source of pain and discomfort. 18But
what we can do is teach him how to navigate through these difficult parts of
life with character: integrity, honesty, self-respect, maturity, and
perseverance. 19Teach your children coping skills. 20Teach
them how to resolve conflict. 21Those are life-lessons that are
invaluable! 22We live in an instant-gratification society. 23Teach
them to wait. 24Teach them discipline. 25Teach them to
work hard in tasks they don’t enjoy, to persevere on assignments they are
struggling with, to discipline themselves to create good habits and break bad

26Contrary to popular belief, the home,
not the church, has been entrusted with the primary responsibility of teaching
children the Bible. 27In our age of professionalism, we tend to hire
out virtually every parental responsibility. 28We want them to
succeed at sports, so we hire a professional for private lessons. 29We
want them to get into a good college, so we hire a special tutor to boost their
SAT score. 30We want our children to be upstanding citizens and
Catholics, so we pay for catholic schooling or send them to Catechism classes. 31There
is nothing wrong with wanting our children to succeed, nor is there anything
wrong with seeking help when we need it. 32However, we have gone
beyond seeking help to abdicating our responsibility. 33We must give
our children a biblical worldview, and we must instruct them in the Word of God.
34For the world we live in today, will only show them contrary.