The scene in episode one sets the bases on

        The medium of television has flourished
rapidly in the past century, serving not only as a purpose of entertainment but
also as a guiding principle in inspiring many young individuals to pave their
path into a particular field. One such example is the television series “Suits”
by Aaron Korosh, which depicts the world of corporate law in the city of New
York. This television series allows one to look at the presentation of law in
various situations and illustrates that there is no such thing as a constant
method in law. Diplomacy is one of the dominant noun that is associated with
lawyers and in the series “Suits” this is one of the recurring themes
throughout the seven seasons. Moreover, they are other prominent themes that
intersect with one another such as power struggle, loyalty, aggression, greed
and self-aggrandizement. In this paper, we will look at some of the overarching
themes and how they interact with one another, and how this mode of media
representation links to the content of the course.

theme of diplomacy is a prominent from the first episode in this series, Harvey
Specter and Jessica Pearson are serving as the two pioneers in representing
diplomacy. In the very first episode of season one, we see that Harvey Specter
hires Mike Ross, since Harvey is promoted as  senior partner of the law firm and gets to
have an associate. But due to a faulty deal, Jessica- the women head of the law
firm demotes Harvey back to the position of junior associate, and it is at that
point we see Mike blackmailing Harvey to keep the job. Harvey being in a complicated
situation turns the table around and goes and tells Jessica that he is going to
fix the situation and in return he will have his senior partner position
back  and will do a pro-bono case. This entire
scene in episode one sets the bases on how these lawyers will go through any
extent to achieve what they want during an economic meltdown. Over the course
of the seasons we constantly see the most progress in Harvey’s character, this
lawyer knows how to deceit and get away with it, in many circumstances by
knowing the person’s weakness and sometimes by playing away with dirty tactic. For
instance, playing poker with the guy to win back the clients company, this
element in the series of Harvey being shown as the best closer in the city is
something that contradicts with reality. Linking this aspect of diplomacy to
the real world of law, we hardly see people getting away with such deceptions,
lawyers do not wish to take such risks and tend to follow a set of norms and only
break the set of rules they know they can get away with. This sort of media
representation makes it seem that the world of law is easy, and no one is
liable and answerable enough since the rules can be moulded. “Suits”, focuses a
lot on white collared crime which displays an accurate representation of how
people who are committing this white collared crime tend to get away by signing
deals and negotiations for personal benefits. Moreover, one of the most
prominent factor demonstrated by the producers of the show is that law firms
are just looking for a way to make their firm a brand label with whom everyone
wishes to do business with. This tends to demonstrate how crime, individuals,
agencies, law enforcement bodies all intersect together because the root need
for all of them is to achieve the highest monetary value they can possibly have
even if that means that they have to cross certain lines.

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          During the duration of the course period we
have discussed about the lack of minority representation in the legal system,
‘Suits’ first aired in 2008 and its one of those shows that has taken a shift
from the typical white man in power to coloured people in power serving as a
hero to save the day. The Criminal Justice System, constantly reaffirms the
fact in our everyday lives that people of colour are the ones that commit the
most crime. However, in “Suits” we see Jessica Pearson a strong
African-American black woman who holds the reigns and has power over the firm
and the men around. This show breaks away from the stereotype and boundaries as
it acknowledges the different set of people that exist in the world and the
idea that social status and background cannot really influence how much
progress an individual makes in the practical world. Out of the main five main
protagonists, two of them are women that too women of color, who keep the
sanity and the realism embedded in the show as they break many stereotypes. The
idea that Rachel Zane wants to make her own identity despite being a daughter
of a very influential lawyer and how Jessica flourishes despite not coming from
a privileged background. This set of representation in the media reveals that
issues of race, class, gender are now far more acknowledged than they were
previously and the idea that the society is now functioning at a level where
every detail is considered. However, while the television series shows a
perfect example of how race, class and gender should not affect an individual’s
progress the reality tends to differ, the Criminal Justice System is far more
inclined towards blaming the racial minority, people from lower socio-economic
status and women as not strong and competent. Hence, this show can serve as a
reminder that everyone can progress despite the background they carry and that
it’s time that the representation in the system changes. Thus, time is one of
the crucial factors for the changes in our system.

the theme of struggle in power is one of the most realistic themes of the show
as in reality there is always a need to be more victorious in nature and get
ahead in every dimension possible. From the very on set, we see the tug of
power struggle between Harvey and Louis constantly to get more clients to
produce more billables, promotions and have Jessica on their side of the team.
While this struggle was initially seen as normal repartee between the two characters,
however, things get serious when Louis gets to know that Mike is a fraud, and
everyone knew expect him. Therefore, Louis uses that leverage and deceit by the
firm to manipulates his way through to get his name on the wall. Moreover, then
again when Jessica decides to leave the firm and hands it over to Harvey and
Louis, there is once again the conflict of interest as to who will manage and
be the new managing partner. This constant tug and war is a reflection of the
state of actual law firms how corporate lawyers have extremely complexed lives,
because they work extra hours, in order to attain that power and money. The theme
is thus reflected also in the theme song of the show, which goes around the
entire concept that the money will not last since corporations are all about
filling their pockets and not serving in justice and well-being of the civil
society. The concept of justice is still relatively easy to portray in a
fictional series because at the end of the day the character must be the hero
but in the real corporate world that is a tough job considering the stakes are
much higher. In season 5 episode 16  we
see that Mike goes to jail, but later on Harvey gets him a deal so that he is
out of jail before the required time is up. This scene is a portrayal of how in
the fictional world it is way easier to get away with a crime such as fraud but
in reality, there is a harsher sentence and a longer process. Hence, the
portrayal of the power struggle in some essence depicts the reality within the
law enforcement bodies and how power and resources make it easier to get away with

in mind the powerful themes of diplomacy, power and struggle,  it can thus be proven that the series, “Suits”
provides a blurry image of what happens behind those glass ceiling doors and what
people in expensive suits are capable of doing for power. While the show keeps
on displaying a victorious picture it conflicts with the reality, that there
are no hero’s like them, instead powerful people trying to ensure their pockets
are full regardless of justice is served or not. And it is difficult to the
ensure that justice is affirmed, as the world of law is good at finding
loop-holes in the law enforcement body since the system is a capitalist
dimension where people with power have the easy way out.