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The two lead characters in the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Nick and Amy showcase lies and deceit. These traits are common in almost any relationship so when they occur in the book it’s not surprising.  “People want to believe they know other people. Parents want to believe they know their kids. Wives want to believe they know their husbands.” (13, 31). Physiological trauma affects Amy Dunne in this novel with her manipulative tendencies that are gained from this trauma. She manipulates a whole town into believing that her husband killed her, even tho her husband is made to seem like the good guy in the beginning of the book. Nick’s affair and Amy’s disappearance are the main conflicts that appear in the book where you can really identify the two major themes of lies and deceit. Amy suffers a multi-personality disorder throughout the entire novel as well as compulsive tendencies. Compulsive lying is when an “individual’s sense of control is affected and lying becomes more and more frequent for the person” (Clark, 2014). When Amy tells her lies such as “the woman was so possessive, and so cold to me, she might as well have attacked me” (361) she over exaggerates and puts on a persona that attracts the interests of many others so she has attention. The “cool girl” persona is used in the novel to attract Nick and take in interest in her from her other persona which would be “Amazing Amy”. According to an article written by Charles Dike, “the lies are long-lasting and the stories present the liar favorably” (Dike, 2008). These characteristics are showcased in Amy’s lies: they require excessive planning and preparation for  her plan to work out properly and successfully. Also, Amy is represented as an outstanding homemaker who is completely clear of the failing marriage. She believes that this was all Nicks’s fault and he is portrayed at the ‘plague’ in the marriage and a cause off all troubles.  With all of these facts it’s clear to see that Amy has gone throughout the whole book with untreated mental disorders . “Nick didn’t love me, Nick loved a girl who doesn’t exist.” (30,22). Amy deceives people to believe that she is a mother to be, a victim of domestic abuse between her and Nick, and she was a very quiet and introverted individual when in reality she isn’t. Her deceiving traits definitely influences all the lies she tells throughout the book.