The started to gain its popularity around the 1950s.

     The Cha Cha dance is originally from Cuba. This Latin American dance is made up of two different dances the “mambo” and the “danzón”. It started to gain its popularity around the 1950s. This dance is normally known for being a 2 person dance (which is also called a team dance). It’s also known as a ballroom dance and a  folk dance. Cha Cha also has competitions.     The Cha Cha is originally known as the Cha-Cha-Cha from the sound of the shoes, which is basically an onomatopoeia. When people dance the Cha Cha they will dance to authentic, Cuban music, Latin rock, or either Latin pop. All ages can do it. You may add your own twists to it or adjust it so you can dance at a pace you enjoy. There’s some different ways you could do this dance.      The females often wear a short outfit to allow their legs to have free leg movement. They usually have multi-layered ruffles. The female’s often have a bare midriff. The male’s often wear a shirt with a deep v-neck. They also have to wear interesting accents and pops of colors, the colors and accents make the female’s Latin dance costume more noticeable.     Around 1954 the Cha Cha was introduced to the United States of America. In America around 1959 the Cha Cha was one of the most popular dances in the country.     This Latin American dance in a 4/4 time. The time goes like 1-2-3-cha-cha, having the cha-cha being a ½ of a beat. Another way the time could go is 1-2-3-4-&. This dance has basic consists of rock steps and chasse steps. These types of steps is a triple step pattern. The triple step pattern goes like, step-together-step. The chasse step makes the dance look intricate, sharp, and stylish. The Cha Cha is similar to some other Latin dances. Dancers have to keep their feet close to the floor and allow their hips to move freely throughout.     Some characteristics in this dance are, intricate footwork, sharp action, quick spins, flashy, and staccato music.