The steam and the steam’s tremendous pressure, the turbine



The Rampal power plant is a coal based power station which will generate 1320 megawatt electric power. Now world is in an age of technology. So everywhere in the world it is being tried to develop all technological and economical sector. For those development energy is one of the most important need. As thinking about economic development and to reduce the problem of power demand, those kind of power plant is a necessity for Bangladesh.

Rampal is upazila of Bagerhat district in Khulna district division. But the object of thought is the distance from Sundarbans to Rampal is not so long. Rampal is 14 kilometers away from the sundarbans. Though power plant is an important need for Bangladesh, the place of is makes an issue of thought for the environment of the largest mangrove forest in the world.

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Rampal is a coal fired proposed power station which will burn coal in order to creat a huge amount of heat. By burning coal, the heat will be supplied to make steam and the steam’s tremendous pressure, the turbine will spin the generator to produce electricity. This is the principle of the power plant. Burning coal is not a good news for the environment and it becomes worst as the powerplant is not far from the forest. The power plant will produce over 0.3 million tons of ash and 0.5 million tons of sludge. As a result the forest will destroy. The leaf of tree will be coverd with the ash and it will not be able to produce its food. The forest’s area will reduce as the ecological balance will lost.

The river called Rupsha is in front of the power plant. Generally those kind of power plants dispose materials such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium etc. So the water ecological system balance will be spoiled. Moreover availability of pure drinking water may reduce.

Burning coal is a major reason of gobal warming. From the coal burning carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide are formed. Carbon dioxide (CO2) catches heat of the environment as a result the average temperature will increase 1°C to 2°C within 10 years. It is a bad news for our environment. So the ecology of Sundarbans will lose its balance within these years. So the power plant location is not a good proposal for the environmental condition of that area. It is not suitable place to establish this type of power plant for environment and economical development.