The subsidized treatment to the poor people focusing mainly

The hospitals that are surveyed includes two private hospitals that are Fortis and Max hospital of Delhi region extracting huge amount of medical tourist from all over the world serving them with best facilities and the Government hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital which are set up to provide subsidized treatment to the poor people focusing mainly the urban slums in Delhi. The research report shows that condition is pathetic in Government Hospitals as well they are also providing better facilities to the rich people and mainly the people who have source mainly the elite class  are enjoying the treatment facilities on subsidized rate. The weaker section is unable to get proper check up by well-qualified doctors of government hospital.The survey conducted in Fortis heart institute for heart hospital, Okhla, New Delhi. The Fortis always remains in the news for its efforts to strengthen its core value of patient-centric health services became the first private Indian healthcare chain to monitor and publish clinical outcome data for major Cardiology procedures, based on global norms specified by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) as by press release in February 2016. Fortis Health care ltd. Through Fortis charitable foundation (FCF) and its hospitals across India assure that providing the health care services for the socially marginalized and deprives sections.The total bed available for the BPL Class 22 beds in Fortis from the total 500 available beds.As per the researcher observation the EWS are unable to get the free treatment in these big multiplex hospitals. They are hesitant to go in these hospitals due to less knowledge. The Fortis in Okhla providing some discount to people living in that area for treatment in Fortis Okhla. But at the same time researcher observed this facility is being taken majorly by above average class rather than by economic weaker section of the society. The Delhi high court orders to the private hospitals to not to ask for any BPL card if the patient comply with the income certificate in the petition of the case of furqan the son of vegetable seller who was suffering from rheumatic heart disease for free implant to G.B hospitals.