The Syrian Refugee crisis. This novel is an account

The research aims at
providing accurate information and answers regarding the impact of the Syrian
refugee crisis on Europe’s economy, society and polity. The refugee crisis that
became a major international issue during recent years came as a result of the
Syrian Civil war.

Hundreds of migrants
and refugees fled from Syria to the European subcontinent to seek shelter and
relief from the terrible circumstances back in Syria. The international
terrorist association ISIS is the major force behind the chaos and disturbances
in Syria.

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This research focuses
on exploring these themes that are recurrent throughout this study of the
refugee crisis in Syria. The primary focus, as well as, the study in question
is the impact this crisis on the European subcontinent. The response of the European
nations towards this issue is examined specifically and also the effects on the
individual countries are examined separately. Also, the different spheres at
which the host nations were affected are also examined i.e. the social,
economic, cultural and political spheres.

The research has a wide
scope as it encompasses the major crisis that had a great impact all over the
world and in international politics. Europe played a major role throughout as
they had to shoulder the responsibility of accommodating the majority of the

Many books and
fictional narratives have been written by refugees and other writers regarding
the several refugee crises faced by people across the world. ‘The Silence and
the Roar’ written by the prolific Aleppo-born novelist Nihad Sirees is one such
narrative that focuses on the Syrian Refugee crisis. This novel is an account
from the author’s life about how he was silenced by the Syrian government for
refusing to contribute to a system of propaganda in service to the unnamed
dictator of an unnamed country.

Several other novels
and autobiographical accounts have been written about refugee crises across the
world. These include Leila Abdelrazaq’s Baddawi, Porochista Khakpour’s ‘The
Last Illusion’, ‘The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears’ by Dinaw Mengestu
among many others.

Various methods have
been applied for the completion of this research using the aid of BBC news
services, video analysis, articles pertaining to the topic, fiction narrative
and other online sources.

The research aims to
get exact information regarding the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on
Europe. The results include the pertinent changes that came about in the
political, social, economical and cultural spheres of life of the respective
nations due to this crisis. Also the response of the nations towards this issue
will be analysed and recorded.


The methods used for
the completion of this research are varied and multiple. Various sources like
BBC News service, newspaper articles, websites, narratives, fictional
narratives, autobiographical records, videos and other online sources were
referred to for gathering information for the research. Surveys, statistics and
graphical records, flowcharts and diagrams regarding this subject were examined
for getting exact information and material. 
Also the issue is examined from the perspective of bothSyrian migrants
as well as the European nations and their citizens. A period of one month has
been taken to complete this research. Pertinent questions regarding the topic
were answered during the research through empirical and analytical study.


The Syrian refugee
crisis has led to an influx of a large number of migrants to the host countries
in Europe. This has affected the social, economic, political and cultural
aspects of the nations.