The taking into account are:Work flexibilityEase of work in

The main categories of costs are:Development the machinery to made the machinery system compatible with the cell manufacturing systemSeparate cells require the same tools to provide duplicate resourcesOne of the most important non-financial benefits of the JIT system that should be taking into account are:Work flexibilityEase of work in an innovative environmentEmployees feel sense of responsibility because they can make their decisionsEmployees are motivated by the fact that they can make decisions in contrast when orders are strict and must be followedReduce inventory that will effectively reduce transport costsDean should sell the his idea the Joinery Manager and the worker by explain the objectives of his idea to make sure they are on the same page. Activation of this new system in this institution requires a radical change and one of the problems that may face Deanare the refusal of employees to change.Solutions that may help Dean to overcome this complete rejection from the staff:Engage staff and Joinery Manager from the outset in the process of discussing this ideaListen to their views because the staff is a key element in this type of workMake sure they are convinced of the ideaProvide sensory evidence of the success of this system and its benefitsInvolve employees in the process of improving this system because they are simply the parties most concerned with the systemEstablish Listening session to clarify the objectives of the system and accept creative ideas to improve the systemBy carrying out the previous steps Dean will be able to consecrate and sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers. And these steps explain how Dean will sill his idea.The work of cells will be different and this is due to the following reasons:The whole section will be divided into smaller cells. Each cell will be responsible for a different part of the manufacturingFor example: small cell that is responsible only for the assembly processEquipment locationEmployees will have different work on them too.For example, instead of having the employee on all manufacturing tasks for one piece, they will have to work only on one cell focused on a basic taskThe Joinery Manager will have more interventions and supervision in this system and will provide support to employeesStaff must be trained so they can adapt to new cell workDean should follow the following suggestion because this new system or his new idea need to be accepted by the employees and by giving the new T-shirts they will be motivated to work and to perform the job better. Another reason that make me support this suggestion is that this new system will need a change in the work environment it will need innovation in providing this idea to the staff. Also depending on the change in the work process there will be a change in the working culture. These are the reasons whyDean must fulfill this suggestion.Risks associated with Dean’s proposal:The costs that will be incurredFull rejection of some staffDifficulty adapting to this system of some staffAdditional costs that will be incurred as a result of staff training on the systemDifficulty managing project implementationSome employees wouldn’t be motivated by this idea, which will cause the employee to be less efficient at work