The that Bierce offers us plenty details about Farquhar’s

imagined escape that takes place counter to the real execution in the story
echoes the breach between who Farquhar in reality is and who he would like to
be. In his world of illusion, he is capable of outfox his hostage taker and
make it back to the intimate fold—however the truth of his position is much
more gray. Farquhar’s immoderation of imaginary in both his picture of himself
and his reimagining of his destiny finally unfastens him. He can’t understand
his desires in the actual world, and at the end of his life, he is prey to the
same false impression and misconceptions that steered him to the gallows tree
to originate with.

other half appears as a picture of guiltlessness and internal safety, even
though all the way through the story, she is an almost completely unreal
occurrence. The only point in the story his wife appears as a real human,
contrasting to the entity of Farquhar’s projections, is when the Northern spy
asks her to serve him a thirst-quencher of water. Even then, when she comes
back with it, she is depersonalized in Bierce’s mentioning to her simply as
“the lady.” She only exists to mirror her man’s brilliance and support his need
for position and tribute. She is a source for Farquhar’s numerous imaginations,
pleasing her task as a gorgeous adornment. She positions for a stereotypical
female superlative, obedient, attractive, soundless, and ultimately expendable
in the name of Farquhar’s higher grounds. In the last moments of Farquhar’s
existence, she is a source of the security that Farquhar is in the long run

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writing style qualifies as both expressive and indefinite. He delivers a lot of
data but also denies access to important parts of the story.  For the reason that Bierce offers us plenty
details about Farquhar’s situation, it is even harder to believe that I didn’t
know Farquhar is dead till the very end of the story. First time I was reading
the story, I didn’t understand things are unclear.