The the best University and in an international environment

The purpose of the forthcoming statement is to introduce
myself and my achievements, more importantly, why I want to pursue my further
studies in PhD in Civil Engineering in EMU University .My name is Muhammad
Ijaz. I have completed my graduation in Civil engineering from Baluchistan
University of Information Technology Engineering & Management Sciences
(BUITEMS), Quetta, Pakistan during 2008-2012. Afterwards, I Completed MS in
Transportation engineering from National University of Science & Technology
(NUST) Pakistan, during 2013 – 2016, with CGPA 3.00 out of 4.00.The reason for
choosing this specific PhD program comes from the fact that in the near future
I would like to get to know more things regarding Traffic and Transportation
Engineering. During My Master study I focused on Traffic Engineering, Pavement
Design & Analysis, Pavement Rehabilitation & Management, Transportation
Planning, Urban Transportation Evaluation, Intelligent Transportation System
(ITS) and Urban & Regional Transportation System. Medium of Education at
institute during Undergraduate and Master study was English. Already got some
ideas in my mind during my engineering program & work experience, but until
now I didn’t have enough knowledge and the right tools for putting them in
practice and that is why I know that this PhD program would be an excellent
starting point for me. Also, if I will get selected for this program I will
have the opportunity to learn from the best University and in an international
environment that will give me the privilege to create new relationships with
people from different cultures. I am also aware of the kind of dedication and
perseverance I will need to have for achieving the best results in the field
and I believe my motivation will qualify me for such a PhD program.

Currently, I am working as a lecturer in University of
Lahore (uol), affiliated with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan.
Apart from teaching activities, I am also supervising final year projects of
undergraduate students. Department of Civil Engineering, EMU University offers
an exciting interdisciplinary scenario, where I will have the opportunity to
pursue my area of interest as PhD candidate. I wish to develop my skills and
knowledge in this area in order to become a good researcher. It is my dream to
contribute to the development of this field in my country.

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During my M.Sc. term projects I have used
Vissim (Micro Traffic Simulation Software) while working on term project “Urban
Traffic Congestion and Mitigation through Infrastructure Improvement in
Pakistan”. I have used Synchro (Macroscopic Analysis & Optimization
Software) in design of urban street intersection. Besides that I have command
on civil 3D (Road Geometric Design Software).

I would be grateful for your consideration of my candidacy
for PhD position.