The the new premises. This on the other hand,

The role of digital technology in enhancing private owned business growth and development



Activity 1: Existing feedback on moving to a new site in Oldham

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 Aims and Objectives of the project


1.                   Locate sites in Oldham which will cut down  the expenses  of  the firm

The total amount requires for the production in the Oldham new site must be lower compared to the previous premises in Harrow. The managing director should ensure that all the cost for purchase and installation of infrastructure on the new premises is settled within a short period time say 12-24 month.

2.                   Reasonable number of the managerial professionals  are involved.

The managing director has specified that the total number of workers in Harrow should be taken to the new premises at Oldham and the fund requires for the move should be managed optimally. And this can be done by encouraging all the professional team members to proceed to the new premises. This on the other hand, might give rise to other expenses in the firm in the process of  assisting those member of the team that do not want to relocate with funds.


3.                   The new site must consider the needs and benefits in the proposed new IT infrastructure installed in the firm.

The activities and pattern of work in the new premises will not be the same as that of the present site in Harrow; the wants in the new site might be altered due to the upcoming IT infrastructure that will be installed which will affect the administrator mode of working. The extent to which the proposed IT infrastructure will affect the pattern of work in the new site is not known yet until the dialogue on the new web based solution comes to a final conclusion.



The Project Management scheme



The area for the new site in Oldham must be located taking into consideration its fitness for the work pattern.  This search must also take into consideration the expenses, quality of the site, and the potential dangers that may be encountered in relocating to the new premises.

This arrangement will define the necessary criterion which includes the time, the funds, the communication medium between the workers and the quality of research necessary to accomplish the product with a good result and feedback. It will also aid the elementary and back up research that will further explain the needs of the society and compare the current firms that has moved to another place and their customers demand.

Revenue needed:

Establishing the relocation will require two professionals:

1.                   A Real Estate Research (RER) team will be organized to search for the necessary infrastructures needed in the new site.

?                      They will be chosen from the administrators and consultants team, according to the time availability and their proximity to the new premises.

?                      Their task include to assemble a list of relevant sites  to move to in the new premise, they will be given upper limits on costs, requirements about the amount of space required and some layout constraints, the minimal quality of the fittings, and so on.

?                      The conditions required will be deliberated between the members of the managerial personnel who signed the relocation to the new premise with the full awareness of the managing director.

?                      They will take note of the support of the IT personnel as they come in line with the rules and regulations laid down by the proposed modernize IT system.

?                      The RER should acquire the entire important tip to the revenues, taxes, rents, and other bills that will be applied to the new site in Oldham.

2.                   A Project Coordinator (PC) that file the list of candidate locations compiled by the RER, conduct competency, cost and risk analyses of each location in collaboration with the firm’s accounting team and Managing Director, and produce the final recommendation to the Managing Director on the best site to move to and the projected savings.

The project coordinator or the  managing director will further scrutinize the proposals presented by the RER and give them the necessary steps to take in order to be accurate in their schedules.

Further Capabilities Needed:

•                      Time management will be enforced on the managing director on the get the important things in searching for the proposed site.

•                      The IT personnel must have a concrete discussion with the project coordinator on the method in which the IT infrastructure will have a positive influence on the new premise.

•                      The auditing personnel’s  will be required to work together with the project coordinator as their service will be needed in calculating the total costs each proposed premise will require. And to get each candidates location and the fund that will be required to get this done within the limited time frame.


Steps involved:



The skills and time usable for this task will be defined, which will leads to the division of labour and is apportioned to each workers and member of the administrative team. This will be carried out in the following manner:


1.                   The Managing Director will plan to enlist with each personnel in the administrative team to confirm who will be interested in relocating.

2.                   The Managing Director will select one Project Coordinator among those who that are willing to relocate to Oldham. This project coordinator will be completely involved in this project and will assist other team members at his leisure time.

3.                   The Project coordinator will oversee the tasks in the following weeks; trying to find out with will influence other members of the administrative team that refuse to relocate.

4.                   The Project coordinator will invite all members of the administrative and consultant team who is willing to join the Real Estate Research team or anyone that has knowledge about t Great Manchester site.

5.                   Three personnel’s will be selected by the project coordinator out of those that are willing to join the RER.  In a case where there are less than three persons that shows interest, the PC will pick the remaining numbers out of those that has least task to carry out on other projects.

6.                   The Project coordinator will set up a meeting between all the members of the administrative team who have already committed to the relocation and the Managing Director to establish the initial criteria the RER team are to use in their search immediately.

7.                   Each member of the RER team will produce one fully detailed candidate location proposal four times in a month on a weekly basis, where they will get all the important cost and risk information for the site, with their present assignment.

8.                   The project coordinator will carry out the full set of suitability once he received a candidate location proposal; cost and risk analysed on it, and approve the calculations and method used to get the correct.

9.                    The Project coordinator will compile and present to the Managing Director the list of the three most preferred locations at the end of the one month search period, with the full detail on costs, adequacy, and risks associated with the relocation to that particular location. At this point, the final information from the IT team’s consultation on the new IT infrastructure will be introduced to produce the awaiting list of endorsement.

10.               The Managing Director then determine whether to pursue any one option for the relocation and may instruct the PC to start making prior preparation for the move regarding securing leases, booking transportation and other things needed.




Cost Objectives:

In order to get a good cost management, the following factors must be considered:

1)                  Current costs associated with the management of the physical premises in Harrow: The current running costs of the premises in Harrow must be defined precisely using the accounting methods already in place in the company. And projections of what these costs would be in the next two years should be constructed.

2)                  Conventional physical premises expenses in Oldham: A method for projecting the running costs of new premises in Oldham over the next two years quickly and reliably, as they are found by the real estate research team, must be compared with the existing accounting team.

3)                  Physical future expenses: Items such as the cost of moving physical assets such as computers, furniture, etc. from Harrow to Oldham, and the cost of purchasing new assets suitable for the new location, such as new furniture if required, must be measured. These costs will be made according to each location identified by the real estate research team, so there is need for it to be reviewed regularly.

4)                  Human Resources future expenses: Each of the existing administrative team of 10 must be committed to see if they are interested in relocating to Oldham, and all what will cost the company to move them to the new premise. In essence, there will be a concrete agreement with each member and the company to settle the cost that will be required to move them to the new premise.

?                      In a situation where some members of the team are not interested in relocating, a survey must be carried out with the human resources and recruitment agencies in the Oldham and Greater Manchester area about the costs of recruitment, and perhaps sign a prior agreements with them to fix those fund required to recruit new members to fill the vacant space.

1)                  The profits acquired as a result of the development of the proposed IT system of the firm will be as a result of the relocation, but must be checked very well since the cost of relocation and running the new premises is involved. For example reducing the utility bill if systems were carried out in a modernized way.

Any asset that the price cannot be gotten in due time, a legitimate range of cost should be allotted and a risk-weighted cost must be considered too.  Funds must be allotted for the period team members and consultants will require on the relocation project, e.g. in the form of work they will be taken away from while working on this project. This must also be calculated and included in the total cost of the project; Moreover, this might not have any significant difference on the cost comparison between different location outlines.

The project management plan is the breakdown of different methods and factors so that the project can be derived in an effective manner. For designing the plan in order to manage a project various factors such as cost, time, and resources are to be considered and moreover the risks involved, and the need of other resources are to be clearly mentioned so that no anarchy will be created out at the time of execution (Kerzner, 2013). With the project management plan, timely decisions could be taken that improves the efficiency of completion of the project. The project management plan for introducing a cloud-based solution for recruitment and selection process is as follows:


Cost of the project: The expenses require in taking the hiring and lecturing process to the online method will be costly since it involves the installation of technology, maintenance of the website, and regular inspection. All this must be put in place at every level because of the time and money invested which might leads to loos if the company stops production. Therefore,  a considerable amount of money must be available to all activities and departments in the firm so as to have  a maximum output. £15,000 will b required for the installation of technology and the workforce will require about £1,000.


Scope of the project: The technology embarked upon by the firm on the project is in a very large approach and outlook. With the wide scope of the technology, the scope of the undertaken will also be widened as with the technology the training process could be improved and large recruitment needs will be fulfilled immediately (Easterby-Smith, et. al., 2015). This task could be accomplished by measuring the growth and developments of each member of the team. With this outlook the objectives of this project will be secured and tethered.


Time for the project: The task involves the use of machineries that needs to be handled my professionals due to the complex nature of the work thereby spending more time to get it done within a short period of time. There should be division of labour on any of the task to be done at a particular time for effective time management and for accuracy. The project is expected to have been done within the period of 10weeks, each of the steps and section that requires more time is given more attention so as to meet the required deadline.


Communication:  Effective transfer of information in all levels of the project is required to get an accurate production.  Effective Communication will assist in conveying the basic steps and procedure require for installing the technology and designing the cloud-based solution. In a situation where there is effective communication between the workers and the administrator, challenges encountered are passed through an effective communication channel from the workers to the management and the proffered solution are passed from the administrator to the workers. Effective communication is one of the major tools required to get an effective result.


Risks in the project: Despite the profit being achieved on this project, there are some potential dangers associated with the business that needs to be identified so that there would be proffered solutions before the occurrence of these dangers (Ng & Coakes, 2014). The possible risks identified may include technical errors, low connectivity, and obsolete technology and the identification will enable the project to follow the laid down strategies so as to have a maximum output.


Resources required for the project:  To achieve the desired goals and targets, it is very important to make all the resources needed available so as to ensure proper management of the project. Some of the resources required to achieve the objectives of this projects involves work force, funds and machineries. Prior availability of all this resources will assist in solving any problem that may be encountered in the course of carrying out the project.


Activity 2: Basic findings and data collection to buttress the relocation proposal


The task being carried out to get the required result of the new idea in the business is recommended to go through some findings, and this finding is carried out to get feedback of different business organizations that has gone through the same experience.

In this research, the information is to be gathered either through approximate tools or subjective tools. The quantitative tools are telephone surveys and mobile or online surveys, and the qualitative tools are in-depth interview and focus group responses that help to collect information from the individuals and employers so that their ease and comfort in giving/taking interview using online medium and their opinion towards the same technique in giving training (Saunders, et. al., 2016). With this research, it has been identified that with the cloud solution the people are convenient as they could apply in different companies without spending much cost on travelling and other things. Further, on focusing the group of employees, the in-depth interview has been adopted that is a qualitative tool. It concludes that so many individuals do not agree with the online assessment due to less experience.

The interview with the employer results that the technique of cloud solution helps to achieve the objectives if effectively utilised otherwise, high cost and loss can occur to the business organisation (Bernard, 2017).

The strategies used in carrying out the research are beneficial as the opinions and suggestion of both the parties involved in the project has been collected. The opinions are collected directly from the concerned parties thus the accuracy of the research could be assured but the reliability of the facts and figures conveyed could not be assured. The business for safeguarding its reputation will never state that it invested in a wrong project that will definitely create a negative impact on the result of the findings.

The comprehensive interview or qualitative method used in the research is of benefit and reliable as it provides a great opportunity to collect the information in a detailed manner that supports the accuracy of the research and the conclusions drawn out of it (Symon & Cassell, 2012).







Activity 3: Assessment feedback on planning the relocation and carrying out the basic practicability findings


1. The value of creating the Relocation Plan


Moving a business from one location to another is a difficult task, which needs to be carried out in specified manner, which must involve the influence of professionals both within and outside the company. Getting ready for this relocation involves the workers to be accurate in the duties assigned to them to carry out each day. Taking into consideration the time, cost, dangers and resources available.

Furthermore, the specific concepts and tools used in the project (e.g. the Gantt chart, or the internet research tools employed) are tools  the workers needs to be familiar with as they business world as this will have a positive impact  on the organization.


2. The value of conducting the basic practicability findings


As soon as the resources required for the relocation are well known, carrying out the initial research to establish whether a move to Oldham would be beneficial and economical was an obvious necessity. No large and complex business operations should be carried out without an understanding of the factors involved and without quantifying, in advance and to as much precision as possible, the expected costs and benefits.

Moreover, the initial research helps quantify expectations and define cost targets for the subsequent relocation project: e.g. what rent costs the real estate research team should aim for, or what human resources costs should be budgeted for in different scenarios. Also, the different explicit assumptions made during the costs/savings projections, and the data-points which could not be collected the small-scale advance study lay the ground for exactly to work needed for the delivery of the relocation project.

The workers carrying out this research contextualises the business realities they might expect once they join the workforce and prepares them for an approach to business that is evidence based and target oriented. It familiarises them with qualitative and quantitative research methods, and instructs them in the accuracy, reliability and overall suitability of specific methods for achieving the aim and objectives of the organization.


3. Evaluating the project management process


In relocating a business to another site, thorough advance planning and the establishment of a good project management process is essential. Setting off on such a process without having understood the complexities, risks and costs involved, as well as having understood and adequately quantified the prospective benefits, is a potential risk to the company.


The Relocation Plan in Activity 1 sets out an adequate and easy to implement project management process because it successfully identifies from the start what is necessary in order to meet the objectives set out by the Managing Direction. These are:

•                      what information is needed overall

•                      what information can be acquired and when

•                      how to go about obtaining the necessary information throughout the lifetime of the Relocation Project

•                      how to analyse and execute on the information gathered in order to achieve the established objectives

•                      The channels of communication necessary within the firm and between the firm and other parties in order to execute the Relocation.

After the Relocation Plan has established what information is needed, the Initial Feasibility Research in Activity 2 gathers all the easily accessible costs and benefits data, quantifies ranges of potential costs where the data is not easily accessible and more detailed information needs to be gathered at a later date, and also quantifies, on available data and explicit assumptions, the risks involved in carrying out the relocation project. It then produces a recommendation as to the circumstances under which the Relocation Project would deliver the business targets set out by the Managing Director.


4. Project Results


The main objectives of this research are to enable the staffs to be aware of the difficult task they are expected to do in a genuine business organization. The main focus is to make known the steps involved in relocating a business to a new premise. But it is nevertheless illustrative of most of the factors they might encounter in any other business project: risk and uncertainty, project planning and execution, organisational considerations, information gathering and communication, decision making, and so on.

The most crucial instructions have been the complication of tasks in typical business organizations, the necessity of good quality information to inform data-based choice making, and the practical limits to gathering the ideal instructions required.